Elegy of a Twilit World

Elegy of a Twilit World

A tale of love and tragedy comes to life in this story of a queen and her king. A promise broken, a memory lost; From the dawn of a new beginning to the sunset that ends it all.

published on November 13, 201613 reads 5 readers 2 not completed


Dusk had fallen across the land
The Twilight world was in her hands
She was the girl with the enchanting smile
She held her rule for miles and miles
With flaming hair and ashen skin
The cloak of shadows she stood dressed in
Crimson eyes like bloodstained mirrors
Oh Queen of Twilight, Rightful Heir

At a palace of pink and golden hues
Iridescent red and orange truths
A stranger stood outside the door
A man she'd never seen before
He knocked once twice, and then again
Awaiting palace doors to open
When they did, he stepped inside
Darkened eyes becoming wide
There Dusk's Nobility silently stood
Almost like he knew she would
He knew her affection had been won
So every day, when evening begun
To the sunset palace he ran
He would knock and she'd let him in
Then one night there was a change
The Twilight King said something strange

"I'll be gone, my queen; But do not fear"
"For on the morrow, I'll be near."
"Goodbye, my king.", she said with a sigh
"I'll see you the day when morrow is nigh."
Off at the golden horizon he flew
Across the hills and out off view
The next day came and he didn't knock
Which to the queen, came as a shock.

On the night he was to return
No sound came, to her concern
The heir began to fear the worst
That she'd lost her king, to her remorse

Suddenly a sound, what could it be?
A knock on the door, one, two, three!
Happiness filled her shining eyes
The palace doors, she opened wide

A different man was standing there
Tall and slender, with an icy glare
He smirked and in his cloak concealed
A deadly, slender blade of steel

Before she could speak, her heart he impaled
Her sparkling tears made shining trails
Upon the bloodstained ground she lay
Thinking of a better day
Her scream rang out so very loud
Such a heart wrenching, piercing sound
Her lover heard and against time raced
To save his queen from her horrible fate
By the dying sun's rays and their golden light
The queen stared and cried as upon the land fell night
Her king arrived just to see her last breath
But the queen of twilight had already met her death
Dusk had fallen across the land
The Twilight World was once in her hand
She was the girl filled with sorrow and despair
Never knowing the regrets
Of the one who cared
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Comments (2)

Wow, now I'm depressed

Good poem/short story though
on November 13, 2016
on November 13, 2016