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Secrets: Twisted Friendships
Evelynn Audrey Peterson had two best friends since 4th grade named Paisley and Pandora. Pandora was more stylish than the other two and always knew the fashion trends and when something was a fashion no. Paisley on the other ha...
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Weasley Inc.
Daphne is Ginerva Weasley's secret daughter. Fred is the somehow blonde son of George Weasley. Scooby is one from Fluffy the three-headed dog's litter. Shaggy is son of Neville Longbottom and never fails to forget something. Ve...
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Forever Ivy
This is the novel im writing for something called nanowrimo. which is where you can write a novel in a month. the link is
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My Shamchat Experiences
these are some of my shamchatting experiences, most of them are VERY weird at times
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23 Reasons
Verity Zada Lemox is a 16 year old girl going through the normal hardships in life but especially, relationships. Can she mend her friendships and find the one?
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A Story/Dream Come True
this is a story sort of made up by a dream that includes @Melzzz2000 (Gianna) and @Laurie_Angel (Graclyn) and me (Azure Bliss {Azure})
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Ausie Sparrows
this is a short story of a girl named Ausie, sort of a love story but not true, well it could be true but I doubt it but ya... enjoy!
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no need for a stinkin description I hate descriptions but this is a love story that me and anna . michelle are doing in a role play
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Locked in Life
well this is a love story of Brooklynn x Keaton but ya.. the whole story is in Brooklynn's P.O.V.
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October 24th 2014
True Story #1 - this is a very sad and an absolutely true story of a guy who idk his name.. but ya..
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Daughter of Dramione
Draco + Hermione = DRAMIONE! But ya I'm their daughter... Um um um bye
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