October 24th 2014

True Story #1 - this is a very sad and an absolutely true story of a guy who idk his name.. but ya..

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Chapter 1.

The Accident

so my church group were just coming back from fiesta lanes and we were on oracle rd. (tucson, AZ) and there was a man who was biking on the sidewalk and he fell harshly off his bike. after he fell he rolled over grabbing his side and head. the light turned green so we had to go. everyone in the van had noticed him and we all made our driver, Connor pull over in the parking lot. after that Connor ran to the crosswalk and across it when he could walk. he helped the guy and when he came back he said the man who had fallen was a little bit scuffed up.
Luckily there was a sheriff in the same parking lot as us, so Connor then went over and got the sheriff's attention (he was on his computer), and told him about the man. the man had seemed to be on drugs possibly. so when Connor got back in the car and drove off (the direction the biker man was going), we saw the police car's flashing lights following the biker. The man didn't stop so the police man went right around him. After that, the biker finally stopped and we didnt get to see anything else.
When we got back to the church we had a group prayer for the man because i was torn up inside and asked for it. Later i felt like crying but i couldnt get it out. so i just sat there waiting to be picked up, half - moping.
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