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Fandom RP (1)
It doesn't matter what fandom you're in, just put your OC in the comments and add what fandom they're for/from so we understand their character a bit better. Deal?
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Fangirl Things!
post pictures and wordy/fangirl posts and just have fun and obsess/fangirl! mwahahaha
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this is the page where I post your requested oc drawing and colors, and tag the person who requested it
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Half Human RasPlaying
so this is a rolpaly for half human creatures like werewolves, fairies, harpies, anything that can take shape or is partly human... enjoy!
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Hunger games! ocs
Make a person remember there is only one boy and one girl to each district if there is and extra I will have to take your membership away My character: Danielle Adams 15 District 1
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PJO,HoO,KC ocs
Characters: Cassia Gem, Phoenix Gem, Xander Gem Aphrodite Hair: Brunette, Blonde, Blonde Eyes: Gray, Green, Blue Height: 5'5, 5'6, 5'6 Popular (1-10): 10, 6, 9 Phoenix Crush: Kaylee Mont (Ares), Jacelynn Dr...
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