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Horoscope Signs
all types of horoscopes! some will be really random and some will be from you guys. if you have a idea tell me and i might add it. And this is my FIRST story.
910 reads 41 readers 29 by morgan5021
Story Character Generator
Are you writing a story and need characters? Well, no worries! This story will give you a detailed character - and it's different for every person! The character includes first name, last name, age, eye color, hair color, hair ...
292 reads 28 readers 13 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Little Known Facts About Harry Potter
Every now and then I will upload chapters about little known Harry Potter facts and stories.
259 reads 41 readers 15 by MoonyWormtailPadfootProngs
Secret Hogwarts Students
Hi! I'm Taylor. I live at Hogwarts with my twin sister Jessica. Hogwarts is pretty cool and its a lot of fun living here. It's kinda weird though because now I get to start school with kids my age even though I've been here for...
85 reads 17 readers 19 by JKRowling
10 (freaky) Japanese legends
Here are 10 Japanese legends (sometimes frightening, sometimes hilarious) that I found on the Internet. Good read! ^^
604 reads 79 readers 18 by Milea
Voldy's Internet Adventures
Voldy got a new iPhone for his birthday. It has 3G, which proves to be handy.
41 reads 18 readers 5 by theplaidunicorn
High School Love
Alana and her brother ,Alex, are new at Cold Water High. Her adventure at this school is more exiting everyday.
218 reads 28 readers 7 by Mad_Hatter13
Heather is an 16 year old girl who just moved from Georgia. As she starts a new school, she makes three unlikely friends. When the Fall Festival comes along, Candy, Coraline, and Tracy want to repay the favor by finding Heather...
276 reads 40 readers 55 by Kisume
High School Life
This story is about a young girl named Haven trying to survive high school. She is not very popular and is bullied frequently. With the help of her friends, she survives every day but hating herself over everything the bullies ...
204 reads 39 readers 37 by DarkAngel1204