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Are you writing a story and need characters? Well, no worries! This story will give you a detailed character - and it's different for every person! The character includes first name, last name, age, eye color, hair color, hair style, pet, personality, and outfit!

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Chapter 1.

First Name

Use the first letter of your first name to get your character's first name.

A- Annabelle, Andrew
B- Bailey, Bill
C- Crystal, Charlie
D- Dana, Danny
E- Ella, Emmett
F- Franny, Fred
G- Gretchen, Gary
H- Holly, Harry
I- Isabelle, Ian
J- Jackie, James
K- Kate, Kyle
L- Laura, Lester
M- Millie, Miles
N- Nya, Neil
O- Opal, Ozzie
P- Priscilla, Pat
Q- Queenie, Quentin
R- Rachel, Raymond
S- Sophia, Seth
T- Tammy, Timothy
U- Una, Ulysses
V- Violet, Vinny
W- Wilma, Wayne
X- Xenia, Xavier
Y- Yasmine, Yukio
Z- Zoe, Zack
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Comments (4)

Annabelle Binns
Purple eyes
Red hair
Tabby cat
on March 25
Charlie Lambert! Age: 10
Appearance: Dark blue eyes. Ginger, long, wavy hair. Wears a t-shirt and loose jeans (Might as well throw in a belt), as well as sneakers.
Personality: Wise, organised, curious.
Pets: none
on June 09, 2015
Omd this quiz has my surname on it xD
on June 04, 2015
I got:
Name: Ella Reynolds
Age: 12
Looks: hazel eyes, bright red medium straight hair,
Outfit: jean shorts, bright green shirt, wide brim hat, and turquoise flip flops See More▼
on June 04, 2015