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Indigo's House of Misfit Witches
Indigo Athena is the neighborhood witch. She smells like incense, and has short, glittery, purple hair. Kids all over the state who have been disowned come to her, and she teaches them how to be witches. Lila, the 12 -year-old,...
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PENUMBRA is a Reaper, like generations before her - but her true calling is to the Light. AURORA is a Light-Bringer, like all of the rest of her family - but she can't help but feel the pull to the Dark. PENUMBRA has just escap...
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Facts About Me (1)
It's 50 Random Facts About Me! I got the idea from @Maya_swan! Have fun reading this!
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Witchcraft Concealed
Patience Hornebolt is a witch. But she lives in the time of the Reformation, when witches are burned at the stake. She must keep her powers hidden, for if they are discovered, she and her family will be burned. WARNING: Conta...
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Legend Unmasked
A long-lost brass key which lends great power to the wielder. Invisible doorways leading to hidden rooms, alternate dimensions, and forbidden realms. And on top of it all, a 14-year-old girl with a thirst for adventure. Infinit...
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Cursed by Death
16-year-old Callista Fox is content with her life. She has a nice house, a loving family, and it's autumn - her favorite time of year. But one day, something happens. It's only the beginning of a long chain of deaths. Callista ...
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Stolen (1)
Isabella Smith takes a walk one evening, just as she always does. But this time is different. Because a man called Hopper is watching. One minute, she's stopping to chat with a confused-looking passerby, and the next, she's kno...
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The Sickness
A parasite has infected the world. And with it, it brought incredibly dangerous technology, including explosive plants, rodents with acid saliva, and toxic stones. What's more, it burrows inside you - already, billions of peopl...
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The Charge
Four kids. An elevated base in a tree. Electric zombies. Weekly floods. Oh yeah, and aliens. What could go wrong?
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How to Write Wonderful Descriptions
Do you struggle with describing things in stories? Do you need to add more detail? Well, this story will help! It will give examples and tips on how to make your descriptions awesome!
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Fangirl Wars
Who is the biggest fangirl on Qfeast? In each chapter, I'll be interviewing over PM a different candidate known to be a big fangirl of someone or something, and when I have enough chapters, I will have you guys comment on who y...
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Qfeast Statistics
This story will tell you statistics on different things Qfeasters like, such as favorite colors, video games, memes, and more. I'll update it every other month. If you want to contribute to this, please vote on my polls (I have...
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The Collection
Eric Baldwin is a 35-year-old man with a collection. Not just any collection - a collection of body parts. He kidnaps people who have sinned, and rids them of the offending body part. And when he's done, he keeps the victims im...
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Althea is the Elf Guardian, or the spokesperson to represent all elves. She lives in the Mystical Woods, which is one of the many realms of Creativia. Every day, she attends a meeting with all of the other Guardians, each Guard...
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Animal Jam Rants
In the online game Animal Jam, there are a few things that irk me. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE Animal Jam - but this story is about what I DON'T like about it.
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About Animal Jam
Animal Jam is an online game where you play as an animal. You can dress your animal up, decorate your den, participate in Adventures or mini-games, purchase pets, add buddies, and more. This story will give you AJ advice and te...
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Broken Heart
Jessie has always wanted true love. She's written love songs, listened to breakup tunes, and thoroughly observes each boy in her school. She is obsessed with romance, reading almost every love novel she can find. She prepares l...
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Unicorn Generator
I have been getting requests for more generators, so here's one for unicorns! Enjoy!
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Fairy Generator
This is one of my many character generators. Instead of generating a dragon or human, however, it will generate a fairy.
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