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  • ✧Call me Indigo Athena Elvenshadow.✧

    ✯I have anxiety, ADHD, synesthesia, and autism
    ✯grammar freak
    ✯aspiring photographer and author
    ✯lover of space, rainbows, books, and writing
    ✯Diego Luna is the most precious human and don't talk to me about Rogue One because I will cry okay :')
    ✯topics I can talk about for hours: elements, fun facts, movie trivia, logical fallacies, colonizing Mars, my bby Diego Luna, astrology, color psychology
    ✯I don't swear, and I will not tolerate swearing on my wall!
    ✯For your own sake, don't EVER try to convince me not to be an atheist - I've got sturdy arguments and I'll cream you in a debate!
    ✯I think otherkin is really interesting and I am catkin. Yeah, I KNOW I'm a human. If you want to know more about otherkin, PM me. If you're "anti-kin," that's great and all, but please don't try to "convert" me. I'm fine as I am, thank you very much.
    ✯I can't WAIT to watch Season 8 of The Walking Dead!!!
    ✯I can't WAIT to watch Season 3 of Stranger Things!!!
    ✯I can't WAIT to watch Episode 9 of Star Wars!!!

    http://ajglimmergalaxy.blogspot.com (my Animal Jam blog)

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    SONGS I :
    Girls Like Girls
    Never Been in Love

    I play Animal Jam. I'm Germangenius03!

    My followers are called Mysteries. I love all of you guys!

  • Gender Female
  • Works at Safespace Magazine
  • High School Elemental Academy
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