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Animal Jam is an online game where you play as an animal. You can dress your animal up, decorate your den, participate in Adventures or mini-games, purchase pets, add buddies, and more. This story will give you AJ advice and tell you a little more about AJ.

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Betas, Diamond Items, and Rares

        There are three types of items most sought-after in AJ - betas, rares, and diamond items.
       A beta is an item that was only available during the beta-testing stage of Animal Jam. Just because something isn't in stores anymore does NOT mean it is beta. Something is only considered "beta" if it was ONLY available during Animal Jam's beta-testing stage. Examples of beta items include: Arctic Hood, RC Car, and Flytrap.
        Now, with the arctic hood, not all of them are beta. An arctic hood is a colored hood with a fur rim and a pointed end, and when you put it on, it gives your character eyelashes. However, beta arctic hoods have green eyelashes, and non-beta arctic hoods have black eyelashes. Of course, the beta version is worth much more, because betas are always worth a lot. By "a lot," I don't mean just a couple Rare Item Mondays. Some betas are actually worth a lot of other betas combined.
        A diamond item is an item that is (or was) only purchased in the Diamond Shop. Diamonds are the rarer currency in Animal Jam, so if a certain diamond item costs 5 diamonds, it is possibly worth a rare. When you're looking at a diamond item displayed in a shop or on a trade list, it always has an emblem of a diamond in the corner of it.
        Diamond items can either be armor, clothes, or den items. Of these, armor is usually worth the most. In the Diamond Shop, there's always a set of armor being displayed; it's usually themed based on the current season. After a while, the set of armor will typically be replaced with a new set, and it will be unavailable in stores. Examples of these sets include: Rainbow Armor, Clover Armor, and Friendship Armor. Rainbow armor is probably worth the most out of those, because the helmet, tail armor, and gauntlets are animated - when worn, they flash rainbow colors, except when your animal is sitting down or walking.
        Lastly, we have rares. Rares can be won in adventures or as a Rare Item Monday - every Monday, there's a rare item available in stores, but it's only available for that day. Some rares are worth more than others. RIMs are worth the least.
        As with betas and diamond items, you can win rares in adventures. When you look at a rare displayed in a shop or on a trade list, it has a golden rectangle in the corner that says "rare."
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