PENUMBRA is a Reaper, like generations before her - but her true calling is to the Light. AURORA is a Light-Bringer, like all of the rest of her family - but she can't help but feel the pull to the Dark. PENUMBRA has just escaped her family's fortress, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Light-Bringer. AURORA has just run away from her family's castle, aiming to become a Reaper. When Penumbra meets Aurora, the impossible happens - the two fall in love. But which side will prevail?

published on June 19, 201839 reads 7 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

        She kills everything she touches - and she is a hugger.
        Penumbra cannot go on any longer.
        She has been walking for so long, getting weaker with each step.
        But she sees the dead grass slowly becoming greener; the darkness slowly losing its hold on her.
        Finally, she can feel the Dark slip away. The ground underneath her feet is healthy green grass; a great weight leaves her soul as the darkness lets go.
        Penumbra looks at her deathly pale skin. Color rushes back into it.
        Her scalp goes from being bald to being covered with brown hair, styled in a pixie cut.
        She grows a couple inches taller.
        Penumbra watches as her jet-black robes are replaced with blue jeans and a red T-shirt; her heeled boots are replaced with green sneakers.
        She is in the mortal realm now.
        Penumbra squints, and can make out a building in the distance. Filled with purpose once again, she walks towards it.
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Comments (2)

This concept is great! Would love to see more.
Thank you! More will definitely come!
on June 20, 2018
on June 20, 2018