How to Write Wonderful Descriptions

Do you struggle with describing things in stories? Do you need to add more detail? Well, this story will help! It will give examples and tips on how to make your descriptions awesome!

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Chapter 1.

Five Senses

        One way to be great at descriptions is to use the five senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. This is especially helpful when you are describing a location.
        Which of the following paragraphs is more descriptive:

        I walk into the woods and climb my favorite tree. In my tree house, I look around. The view is great up here.

        I stroll through the forest, dry leaves crunching under my boots. The air smells like wood and pine. I can hear the stream gushing in the distance. When I reach my favorite tree, my limbs find the handholds automatically. I clamber up to the top, where my tree house is. Up here, I can see everything - the apple tree, with its small, tart apples that never get quite ripe; my old, rusty bike, leaning against the trunk of a tree; a chipmunk scurrying across a branch, mouth stuffed with acorns. The breeze, thick with fall chill, runs its slender fingers through my hair.

        The second one, right? Notice how I described the input from my senses- I could hear the dry leaves crunching and the stream gushing, I could feel the handholds on my favorite tree and the breeze in my hair, I could see the apple tree and my bike and a chipmunk, I could smell wood and pine, and I could taste tart apples. Next time you're describing a setting, think about what your character is hearing, what they're smelling, what they're feeling.
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Comments (2)

Thanks for the tips
on October 02, 2016
I'll keep this story around just in case I need some extra advice in making descriptions...Well written.
on September 30, 2016