A Story/Dream Come True

A Story/Dream Come True

this is a story sort of made up by a dream that includes @Melzzz2000 (Gianna) and @Laurie_Angel (Graclyn) and me (Azure Bliss {Azure})

published on February 22, 20155 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


(This is Azure)

Azure's P.O.V.

So today, Graclyn, Gianna and I were standing in a circle by a tree at lunch like usual. Gianna wouldn't stop talking about wanting to meet Harry Potter, but Graclyn eventually managed shut her sister up. After that, I don't remember who but someone turned the subject to boys. Ugh! More like talk about creeps! I walked away from the conversation but someone walked up to me and I felt a strong arm around my waist and one hand covering my mouth, I bit the person's hand. "OW!" The person said taking their hand away, even though I hated boys, I knew for a fact it was someone from 1D. I kicked backwards as I heard Gianna and Graclyn scream for help, as I looked over I saw Louis was kidnapping Gianna and Harry kidnapping Graclyn.... 'Then who has got me?' I wondered. Just then I was knocked out, when I woke up I thought I was literally dreaming one of Gianna's dreams, I had woken up in Madam Pomfrey's Hospital wing. I looked over at the other two who were to my left. Their captors were at the end of their beds and so was mine, the other two stood infront of the aisles. I looked to the end of my bed and saw Zayn Malik. What kind of dream is this?! I immediately stood up, called for Gianna and Graclyn and walked straight out of the hospital wing ignoring madam Pomfrey's protests.

Somehow when we were navigated through Hogwarts by Gianna, we got to the great hall just as they were going through the sorting. As we walked up there we were noticed by the students. Being atleast 3 years older than the first years we looked pretty awkward standing up their, and without robes too. I looked around not knowing what to do, Gianna got called up, THIS ISN"T A DREAM, I pinched myself, ow I shouldn't have done that... RAVENCLAW!! the hat shouted as soon as it touched Gianna's head, a hat can talk?

"Azure Bliss!" shouted an old looking lady. What do I do? I walked up there slowly and awkwardly, the talking hat was placed on my head. As it whispered to me I answered it by thinking: "Why am I even here?" It didn't answer me but instead yelled, "SLYTHERIN!" only one table cheered as the hat was taken off my head, im guessing that's Slytherin... as I walked over to the table I heard someone whistle, I looked at the person, he had whitish-blonde hair that was slicked back and he looked a bit short, he was grinning at me. Great. Malfoy. Gianna had told me all about him, I narrowed my eyes and sat down.

Gracelyn was sorted into Gryffindor, I was proud for her and was about to clap when none of the other Slytherin's clapped, so I decided to follow their example. I felt bad, even though its not really my fault im now a Slytherin, I don't want to be mean to my best friends...
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