Forever Ivy

This is the novel im writing for something called nanowrimo. which is where you can write a novel in a month. the link is

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Chapter 1.

Run to You Part 1

“Slow down you crazy child,

You’re so ambitious for a juvenile

But then if you’re so smart,

Then tell me why are you still so afraid?”

        The song Vienna played quietly in my ears as I finished up the last of my homework for the night. I’m so glad that it’s Friday, this week was absolutely busy as a little bumble bee. I have a feeling that this weekend will be pretty similar with me traveling with my dad all weekend. Woo hoo... Even though my dad is the all famous billionaire, Quinn Adams, it’s not what life should be like. I wish I could be a normal kid, not the daughter of a stinkin’ billionaire. As I walked upstairs, I grabbed Havanna, my cat, before she could run away. She’s one jumpy cat. Probably because my brother loved to scare her when we first got her. Poor Havanna. My mind wandered off wondering what it would be like to be a cat as I absentmindedly kept walking up 2 flights of stairs to my room on the third floor.
        “Daniel!” rang out the voice of our maid, Willow Nesson. I felt bad for her, always having to work and clean up after my messy twin brother. But it’s sadly the only job someone would give her considering what she did in her past… But let’s not get into that story; it’s messier than Hoffle’s room. Hoffle is the nickname I call my brother. Long story, but his real name is Daniel Arnold Adams. My name… is… CRASH! I heard the sound appear from downstairs. I guess we’ll get to my name later then.
        I started running down the stairs as quietly as I could so I wouldn’t get into trouble. Finally I reached the floor I heard it come from, and of course the noise had come from Hoffle’s room. I quickly hid as I heard Willow marching down the stairs behind me; don’t want her to assume I was the noisemaker. I hid behind one of the petunia and lily flower boxes that grew inside. Hoffle ran out of his room chased by what I saw was a live broom, but knew it was Willow. I try not to cause her trouble because she is practically like my sister, even though I sometimes call her Nana. Oops. I accidently knocked over something breakable when Hoffle nudged me aside. I saw Nana catch it just before it broke. “Sorry, Willow, Hoffle knocked me aside, to hide from you.” I said as I stood up and looked at the ground in shame. “You’re not in trouble, Centiel, your brother is.” She simply replied and hardened her stare to look at him.
I jumped as a loud new song burst through my headphones. Pompeii. Soon the music slowed down and quieted on its own track. I made eye contact with Willow before nodding and heading back up to my room. Once there I flopped on my bed and opened my touch screen laptop. Pricey! I like it. NOT! I would continue to complain about my dad but I’d rather not, especially because mother wouldn’t want it. Wish she were still here. Don’t worry, she didn’t die, she just… disappeared. No idea why or how, yet, but I will figure it out. My dad has clearly gotten over her disappearance because of his work, even though it’s only been 2 months. Oh, you’ve probably guessed my name by now, Centiel. Centiel Ivy Adams. I went to Google and searched for ideas for a place I am going to in a month. But for now, that’s a secret.
        Soon I heard my other brother, Damion, over in the band room practicing his drums for a band. A family band. I play electric guitar and guitar and Hoffle, keyboard. We also thought we might need some other people in our band to play the bass, another guitar and a lead singer. We found some people for auditions but ended up with some good friends of ours instead of some strangers. We decided to make this band because we knew we would never want to become like our father. Despite him working a very important job, he comes home late at night, drunk, a lot. So we usually have to take care of him and hold him down so that Willow can inject him with some tranquilizing liquid, we wouldn’t want him doing anything that could hurt us, him, or his pain-in-the-back career. I grabbed my guitar, my non-electrical one, some sheet music and a music stand and walked into Damian’s room. He instantly stopped playing and turned to “Stay With Me”. A few seconds later, Hoffle walked in, he just seems like he always knows when we are both in here together. He seems to know everything. I pulled out my earbuds with one hand while turning to the song we always practice first. We have an order that we always practice covers of songs in.
        Damion and Hoffle started the song off the song with Damion singing. I created a quiet background strum a verse in. “Oh won’t you stay with me” the entire band sang it together, but for this uncalled-for practice just me and my brothers.
After that song we moved on to “Run to You” by Twila Paris. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, interrupting the song. I quickly took the guitar strap off and set it on the second guitar stand in the band room. I hopped down the first flight and a half of stairs and then jumped the very last half of the stairs. I rushed to the door and opened it to find that it was Bailey, our other guitar player and Abigail, our bass player. I invited them in; thankfully they didn’t dawdle and stare around at the house like new-comers usually do.
        I would tell you about every little detail in my head and on what’s going on around me, but that’s just simply boring. Plus, I like to move fast-paced. Once all of us who were there were upstairs, Bayley did some sort of complicated handshake with both Damion and Hoffle. Abigail and I shared a look and she turned back to the boys and said, “Amateurs” We turned to each other as the boys all looked at us like, “Really?” Abigail and I started off by doing a handstand and doing a version of a handshake with our feet while cross high-fiving each other. I know that sounds really complicated but we both did gymnastics when we were little kids. Then we pushed off of each other and landed in a bridge and then stood up, turned around and finished with what we called Pikachu and Cross-stitch. I looked over at the guys, they raised some questionable eyebrows as if they said “Promise we can do better” “Bet you can’t top that, because you just got creamed by some girls.” I taunted before any of them could say something. “Who are younger than you!” Abigail finished. I shushed her by telling her that they didn’t need to know that. She knew who I meant when I said ‘they’. Bayley.  He and I made eye contact and he smirked at me. Darn it, he’s always trying to either impress me or tease me.
We then practiced for about an hour without our lead singer, Maycee, Abigail’s older sister.  After that, Maycee, Abigail, and I went to go babysit the triplets. Those little girls are hard to keep track of for one person, let alone two of them. So I decided to haul in Maycee and Abigail to help me, each getting one of the triplets. I got Annie, Maycee got Analiese, and Abigail got Anastasia. Thankfully there were visible differences between the little ones; otherwise we would not know which is which and would most likely get in trouble. We quickly fed them, burped them, and laid them down for their afternoon nap. When they woke up around 5:15, we fed them a small dinner, played with them for a while, and changed their surprisingly clean diapers before their parents came home and laid them down for the rest of the night.
Around 8:30 we finally arrived back at my place and started getting reading for bed. Despite me and my dad going on a trip tomorrow, it’s still the weekend, so why can’t they sleepover for one night?  We stayed up till 10:45 before we almost got caught and just decided to go to bed since we didn’t want any more close-calls and it was getting late for us. Seriously? You thought we were going to stay up all night? My plane with my dad wasn’t leaving till noon tomorrow, so we could thankfully spend some free time together in the morning.

        “Ivy…. Ivy………. CENTIAL IVY ADAMS!”  Someone yelled. It was Hoffle, of course it was.  I checked the clock and saw that it was 9:13, I guess I slept in a lil late to be hanging out with friends.. Bayley had stayed the night with my brothers as well. They slept downstairs in Hoffle’s room, second floor, not including the basement.

A.N. I'm still working on this chapter but so far this is what I have for it.
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