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Daphne is Ginerva Weasley's secret daughter. Fred is the somehow blonde son of George Weasley. Scooby is one from Fluffy the three-headed dog's litter. Shaggy is son of Neville Longbottom and never fails to forget something. Velma, shes daughter of Cho Chang and a mystery Ravenclaw. If each of these children dont want to spend their lives surrounded by magic, do they count as Squibs?

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Chapter 1.

Daphne 1

Daphne's P.O.V.

I woke up to hear noises from downstairs traveling up the stairs and stopping at my door. "Daphne, wake up!" Came the voice of my Uncle George. Only my uncles and my mom knew I came into being; even my own dad doesn't know... Ugh, great. Now my head is pounding from my rude awakening. "I need my beauty sleep!" I murmur before I end up bolting upright from the sudden noise in my ear. I death-glare my uncle before pushing him out the door. Stretching out my arms took only seconds, while getting ready for the day did not. "It's time to go board the train, Daphne. We're going to be late! You don't need makeup, you're only eleven." My mother's voice floated under the door. I grumbled back, "Whyyyyyyyy?" But my mom had already disappeared to wake up the others. The others who would soon meet me after long years of living together.
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