Locked in Life

Locked in Life

well this is a love story of Brooklynn x Keaton but ya.. the whole story is in Brooklynn's P.O.V.

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Chapter 1.

My little-ized life

So in Kindergarten I was the most open girl always wanting to be one of the guys because I had 2 best friends named Keaton and Dustin. we were a trio of friends who did everything with each other. We played hopscotch and twister together at recess and we always shared our lunch even though we went allowed to. If one of us was bullied the other two stood up for the victim.

First grade was a lot like Kindergarten though the girls were separated from the boys more towards the end of the year cause everyone was reckless and wouldn't calm down. I was sad the rest of the year and also more secluded/isolated and shy. Dustin and Keaton ended up being the most troublesome pair in the class, since they couldn't do much to get me out of my isolation and shyness. On the last day of school I Moved from Alabama to Maine, I was devastated to have to leave my best friends. Though our parents still kept in touch Keaton, Dustin, and I wrote letters to each other and had our parents mail them off.

In second grade, I started out at Quail Field Elementary, and got bullied the first day by a fifth grader for trying to hang out with the guys in my grade. Otherwise people ignored me, even my teacher ignored me like I was just a shadow or an empty desk. If the teacher let my class go outside for recess, she held the door open for everybody but me. Even if I eventually pushed the heavy door open myself, the teacher wouldn't look up to see why the door opened.

Third grade wasn't much better, even though I pleaded with my parents everyday to go back to Alabama they just set me back to school. I seemed like a shadow to my parents, and my best friends also. Letter came fewer and fewer until no more letters arrived. Our parents never kept contact either, they didn't even care how school went for me. My mom got pregnant and later had a baby boy named Alexander, that was all my parents then cared about other then making sure I was off to school and still getting enough food.

My father died in a car crash right before I went back to school for fourth grade. My teachers still barely ever noticed me. Life became hard on my mom as she went into devastation of my father, she left Alexander in my care. She finally decided to move back to Alabama when she got a message from Dustin's mom about my father. I was relieved so much had happened to me that I couldn't wait to come back to my best friends. But when I entered the door on my first day back at Ferndale elementary it was like they didn't even notice me they had already formed a different group of friends with a bunch of bad kids. I almost cried on the spot when I saw them glance at me and start whispering to each other, I knew it was about me.

The year after that in fifth grade,I tried making friends with a group of girls but they were gossipers and I didn't like or approve of gossip so they kicked me out, and I knew they were going to spread lies about me because I was different than others. No one accepted me except for my mom finally, whenever she was sad she came up to me gave me Alex and hugged me and my brother, as I let her talk about my father.
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