no need for a stinkin description I hate descriptions but this is a love story that me and anna . michelle are doing in a role play

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Well so much can happen in one day

Rianne: *humming songs*

Paige: * walks up* hey rianne, can you do me a favor

Rianne: hmm?! Oh sure paige

Paige: can you slip * hands her a folded up piece of paper* into locker 242? Please

Rianne: sure *jogs over to locker 242 and slips in paper* was that a "secret " love note?

Paige: maybe and maybe not

Rianne: Awww does somebody have a little crush on someone?! Come on! Who is it? I PROMISE to keep it a secret and not tell anyone

Paige: you really want to know?

Rianne: you think I don't? *laughs*

Paige: its for asa *straight face but happy*

Rianne: Awwwww

Paige:*rolls eyes*

Rianne: *grins* hmm... *stares off into space*

asa:*walks up* hey what are yall talking about

Rianne: something you may or may not need to know, top secret info, ,between me and Paige. *grins at Asa*

Asa: ok... so hows it goin

Rianne: good what about you?

Asa: ok... I guess

Rianne: *hands Paige a note that says 'Locker 267' on the outside*

Paige: *looks confused* what's this?

Rianne: Do the same for me as I did for you, don't let anyone know not even this one *nods head towards asa*

Paige: k. Got it. I'll see you In a sec.* goes to find locker 267*

Asa: *breaths down her neck to be annoying* so who was that for?

Rianne: Oh come off it asa, its too easy, I think everyone already knows but im not entirely sure.. *laughs* just kidding no one knows except for me and sometime paige might know too

Rianne: and no annoying her (in a teasing voice/attitude)

Asa: ahh man you take the fun out of everything ( in sarcastic voice) and I'm guessing I will never know... Will I?

Rianne: *laughs* maybe,(teasing) if I can trust you

Asa: oh goody

Rianne: I wonder where paige went *looks over sudden crowd of people*

Asa: I don't know.

Asa: oh crud!

Rianne: what?

Asa: we gotta find Paige...

Rianne: ya..

Asa: yesterday she said some guy got mad at her and that he was gonna do something to her...today

Xander: *comes running through asa and rianne, stops and turns* Sorry! *smiles cheesy, runs into door backwards as walking away*

Rianne: *trying not to laugh* oh gosh, well Xander seems happy today

Rianne: wait... did u just say paige's in trouble? *runs away like a madman before asa can speak, tries to find paige*

Asa: *starts running, following her*(catches up)

Rianne: *drops back cause she saw paige sitting in a corner crying with a buff guy standing over her* *whispers* paige...

Asa: *yells at guy* hey! *puts his hand on his shoulder, turns him around, and punches him

Rianne: *pulls paige out of the way* are u okay?

Asa:* looks at guy* Andrew?!

Rianne: *looks up* wait?! You know him! Who is he and why slash *raising her voice* what is he doing to Paige!! *fuming with rage*

Asa: yes I know him (sounding really annoyed) he's my brother.

Rianne: *pushes asa out of the way and punches Andrew harder than asa did* Never! EVER DO THAT AGAIN!! YOU HEAR ME! *calms down and turns around to asa and paige* and that folks is why you never get me angry..

Paige: *stops crying* he kept telling me that if I told Asa something I overheard he would slit Asa's throat then mine so I could suffer before I died

Rianne: *turns around to Andrew, and slaps him twice, then stalks off*

Asa: *picks Andrew up by his shirt collar and slams him against the lockers* you said what?!!!!

Xander: *walks up just as Rianne stalks away* Hi! oh uh should I go?! *starts to back away*

Asa: no your fine *lets go of Andrew*

Xander: ok *helps paige off the floor*

Paige: thanks Xander *gives a reasuring smile

Xander: your welcome *takes 3 pairs of bunny ears out of pocket and puts them on each of them* so who are u? *points to asa*

Paige: *walks away*

Asa: Asa Liptis, The invisalble

Xander: nice to meet you Asa Liptis, da who now??

Asa: invisable, the invisable

Xander: got it, wait no... wait... yes ok yes...

Asa: *laughs*

Asa: and you are xander?

Xander: why yes I am! *dramactically bows*

Asa: *also dramatically bows*well, it is nice to meet your aquaintance

Xander: *smiles*

Asa: so what's up

Rianne: *comes back*

Xander: nothing much

Asa: so where did you go off to hot pants? *looking at rianne*

Rianne: *stares at Asa moodily*

Xander: Im guessing someone got her mad, and wait, whoa did u just call her cute?!

Asa: *repsonding to rianne* what it's true *turns to xander* yes, and no

Rianne: *takes a few steps back*

Xander: *raises eyebrows*

Asa: yes someone made her mad and no i did not call her cute. just messin with her

Rianne: *not sure if hes serious or not*

Xander: I have a few bruises where sun aint shining from me getting her mad

Asa: okay, wow, that must have hurt. oh and let me know when you figure it out (talking to rianne)

Rianne: *frowns*

Xander: Rianne I have never seen you silent this long, *to paige and asa* sometimes she gets *motions with fingers* moodily quiet as she likes to say

Rianne: *glares at Xander*

Xander: and apparently its true...

Asa: *stares at rianne*

Rianne: *glares at at Asa for a second, then turns around so she doesn't have to look at him*

Asa: *continues staring*

Rianne: Ugh. *walks off*

Xander: ur lucky she didn't hit u

Asa: hm *follows rianne*

Rianne: *looks over shoulder and sees asa* * goes into girls bathroom*

Asa: rianne!

Rianne: *peeks out of the doorway with tears in eyes* *whispers* what..

Asa: *goes into the bathroom* what's wrong

Rianne: *tries to push asa out with no effort* this is a girls bathroom u idiot *falls over, sort of on asa's shoes*

Asa: i know and i don't care *picks her up off of the floor and holds her*

Rianne: *leans against asa* *suddenly lifts head and struggles out of asa's grasp* I shouldn't be doing this... someone likes you... which is not me... im sorry * leaves bathroom and goes to my locker 269 to get a book to read*

Asa: wait, who

Rianne: she told me not to say

Asa: will you please tell me

Rianne: no because I keep peoples love secrets a secret until they tell

Asa: it wouldn't happen to be paige would it

Rianne: im not gonna answer that question even if it was her, why do u wanna know anyway

Asa: i don't know... wouldn't you want to know who liked you if someone just told you that someone likes you?

Rianne: not if they want it kept secret

Asa: well if you won't tell me that, then at least tell me what's wrong

Rianne: its Xander, hes covering up his hurt here at school and I just don't understand, he doesn't usually do that

Asa: what do you mean

Rianne: nevermind

Asa: ok then I guess I'll leave *turns to walk away*
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well its a roleplay that im doing with @anna.michelle so cant really write more right now
on December 27, 2014
on December 27, 2014