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The tale of a savage girl
If its not savage please dont hate i love you guys so much i couldn't get here without yall
15 reads 6 readers 0 profile storyby ZoeytheWolf24
Do You Sometimes Wish That You Would Fit In?
Okay, this is a story about what happened at school today. Not every little detail, but enough to write a story. You may think I'm over reacting, but I'm not. I'm just expressing my feelings. :)
78 reads 31 readers 18 by GirlsDeMo
Types of Qfeasters
This is inspired by IIsuperwomanII for her types of people video and I've seen some pretty weird people.
442 reads 80 readers 34 by Noescaping
This girl finds herself in trouboe will she return so this is her stroy
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The Mirror
The mirror is an actual conversation I had with one of my suicidal friends. He is very "Old timey", but he's the best.
30 reads 28 readers 9 by Homestucker
The Book of Fangirl Problems
This is a book of all the struggles that every type of fangirl has to go through.
100 reads 19 readers 2 by McDermottsAngel
Anime school
Soo The friends in here i only madr one story so heres another one Soo
13 reads 7 readers 0 profile storyby ZoeytheWolf24
Horror (1)
This is a horror story for you all plz reply if you like it dont if you dont like it.
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Spirited away : the forgotten promises
Chihiro is finally a high schooler. After coming from the spirit world, her life turns ordinary . but after she stalks the mysterious kid in the class, will chihiro come to remember her past. Can She feel the same for Haku?
17 reads 7 readers 1 by SHIRAZURE
The wanderers
It is almost impossible to live in a place where money & fame is what it means. Mela is such a kind. A miserable city , known for it's fame, Luxury & also for crime & poverty . Fuchsia is not your average high school student ....
6 reads 5 readers 4 by SHIRAZURE
The Young Adult Police Force
Andromeda is part of a special police force for 7-20-year-olds. She specializes in going undercover for schools to protect important children. After protecting many schools, Andi is starting to discover some dirty secrets about...
51 reads 28 readers 7 by Elleyd
creepypasta vol. Jane the killer
This is pretty much about Jane the killer I gotten my info at wiki so ya lets get started
13 reads 5 readers 0 by nekohappy1
The life of a anthro Fox
this is a revival story for my account and it has nothing to do with my undertale series for two reasons 1. the version of Amaze i'm using in this has different powers and abilities 2. different characters will be used (other...
201 reads 13 readers 22 by AmazeStark
Some Angsty English people
Lolol basically a thing with Roger and his parents-- It's really angsty
6 reads 6 readers 3 by chesspacito
Falling For You (1)
Sesa was the most popular person in town, even for an emo. Sports car, social butterfly, caring family, friends aplenty. Then he met Elise, his polar opposite: A POS car, a single dad at his wits end, anti-social, and only her ...
86 reads 15 readers 84 by xXEmo_KingXx
Mystery (1)
Hi i made this story about mystery because haven't made no story yet so plez like it.
4 reads 2 readers 0 profile storyby ZoeytheWolf24
Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 6
7 years after our marriage, Toriel and I have left the assassins and returned to our home to try and live peacefully but like always, darkness surfaces.
43 reads 12 readers 1 by AmazeStark
This is just my idea of what Amaze Stark would be like if Toriel died right in front of him and he lost all faith in humans. this has nothing to do with the Undertale - A New Beginning series.
35 reads 8 readers 1 by AmazeStark