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creepypasta vol. Jane the killer
This is pretty much about Jane the killer I gotten my info at wiki so ya lets get started
10 reads 4 readers 0 by creepypastafan1
The life of a anthro Fox
this is a revival story for my account and it has nothing to do with my undertale series for two reasons 1. the version of Amaze i'm using in this has different powers and abilities 2. different characters will be used (other...
173 reads 9 readers 22 by AmazeStark
Some Angsty English people
Lolol basically a thing with Roger and his parents-- It's really angsty
6 reads 6 readers 3 by roger.the.boi
Falling For You (1)
Sesa was the most popular person in town, even for an emo. Sports car, social butterfly, caring family, friends aplenty. Then he met Elise, his polar opposite: A POS car, a single dad at his wits end, anti-social, and only her ...
86 reads 15 readers 84 by xXEmo_KingXx
Anime school
Soo The friends in here i only madr one story so heres another one Soo
12 reads 7 readers 0 profile storyby ZoeytheWolf24
Mystery (1)
Hi i made this story about mystery because haven't made no story yet so plez like it.
3 reads 1 reader 0 profile storyby ZoeytheWolf24
Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 6
7 years after our marriage, Toriel and I have left the assassins and returned to our home to try and live peacefully but like always, darkness surfaces.
43 reads 12 readers 1 by AmazeStark
This is just my idea of what Amaze Stark would be like if Toriel died right in front of him and he lost all faith in humans. this has nothing to do with the Undertale - A New Beginning series.
35 reads 8 readers 1 by AmazeStark
Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 5
In this story Toriel and decide to make more time for each other and possibly make everything official by taking the vows, but when everything seems to be going great, evil returns. Enjoy...
55 reads 9 readers 2 by AmazeStark
Undertale - A New Beginning
hey guys this is my first story and it's somewhat a crossover from assassin's creed and the main character is my oc and he is an assassin furry and i hope i don't offend any undertale fans because i haven't played the game so d...
57 reads 16 readers 1 by AmazeStark
Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 2
Hey this is my second story to an ongoing series call Undertale A New Beginning. Please leave comments so I know if you guys like the series and if I should keep making more but even still I hope you guys enjoy.
45 reads 10 readers 8 by AmazeStark
Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 3
hey guys in this story The undertale cast and I have left the underground and we're now living on the surface and have started our new lives and Toriel and I have a little something unexpected.
39 reads 9 readers 3 by AmazeStark
Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 4
In this part, Me, Toriel, Asriel, and Winter, all go on a trip with Asgore, Undyne, Papyrus, and Sans, to the Caribbean for a vacation and we make new friends along the way but something dark is out and is out for blood.
47 reads 7 readers 1 by AmazeStark
Hetalia Middle School
There are always HIGH SCHOOL things for Hetalia. But, how about Middle School? This story is literally crack. Everything is random. Nothing makes sense. Someone please stop me from making anymore stories. Kms I want to die.
20 reads 11 readers 1 by King_of_Booty_Shorts
Vanished for Torture
Welcome to a world far beyond the one we know. Once you pass through these doors, there is no hope for you. Those who enter, never leave. Welcome, to Warehouse #666, where the innocent children of the world are held prisoners, ...
378 reads 54 readers 62 by Queen_Miku
Of All Girls, Why Did He Come To Me?
I'm a teenage, I'm supposed to be mad about finding a boyfriend or get at least my first kiss. But no, I'm not like the other girls, I don't have time to waste. But, he just came ... and I simply fell for him, is he playing or ...
76 reads 27 readers 6 by intoBoth
Wanna Stay Awake
I am afraid to sleep, afraid to close my eyes, nightmares will come dancing around again.
16 reads 14 readers 7 by intoBoth
BASED OFF A TRUE STORY: These's this girl, she's a lonely girl who keeps to herself. she has no friends because of her past. Every day she gets bullied. one day the popular boy in school sees her getting bullied and steps in to...
23 reads 11 readers 4 by gedmonds55
this is my first story so please bare with me, thanks and enjoy BTW Axel uses a sword in his right hand and an ax in the left
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