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The Death of Pymgys
Noah is the son of two case invesgastors when one day he hears on the television that his classmates had been murdered all in a span of 5 days . Noah takes thses cases into his own hands since the police aren't doing anything
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Adventures of the Uinverse
What will happen when people meet and they become friends . What will happen when thier home is in danger? Will the evil win or will none end at all What happens when they meet new people that will join both good and bad for...
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The Past Of Mayla Dawn
As requested I made a story about my oc, Mayla Dawn . Just like in most role plays I use her cause it's easier she's based off me but her past is more darker than mine was but anyways enjoy and warning there will be mention of ...
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Out of Time (1)
Sarah Jones is a wife of one daughter. She waits for her husband who's overseas in Iran. She finds a letter one day where she worked at . She didn't know this letter can and would change her life forever.
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Cold Blood (1)
During the Cold War, two spies break a rule that will cost them Thier lives. They are born to hate each other but it's just the opposite. They fell in love with each other. They ended two superpowers within that war.
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Falling Into The Dark
Ever wonder how the world would be with out leaders? Well for Vinie thats the case.She giving up on hope and love.She thinks theres no hope.Will someone step up and help her find this hope and love she's been looking for ?
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USUK FanFic ~ Your Not Alone
Hello here’s the first ship story.America/ Alfred is feeling down about how bad he has hurt people in the past.Thats includes England/ Arthur.Will Arthur find the way to forgive him after what he’s done.I will update this story...
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Super Smash Bros Love Stories (Rewrite) ( Discontinued)
Hello and I did say this series was over but I have change my mind so you can request any Samsh Bros character for this.I will put most of the characters that I have already did so feel free to request any characters.
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The Outsiders Sequel
This is a sueaul to the Outsiders. Let's go with what the story is about. Dawn and Strom was twins who are still treated unfairly by the Socs . They knew that nothing would change .
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The Lonely Girl (1)
Hello again and you guys wanted another story so I'm making this one.One Day there was this girl who was lonely and she didn't have any friends and her father abused her.Her life changed when she met a boy named Blue.Please com...
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Hetalia X Reader One Shots
This story will have many characters so please don't worry if your character you want isn't in this if you guys and gals like this.Hope you enjoy.Requests are open.
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Levi x Reader
Hello and this story is about Levi the titan killer falls in love with the reader remember this is going to a SHORT story and please NO HATEFUL COMMENTS.
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The Love Of Pokemon Trainers
Hello me Sky here and here a Adventure-love Story of you and Red enjoy and please don't say anything hateful in the comments.
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How Bullying Is Not Cool To Do ?
Hello and I hope you like this story I made because it talks about how to handed a bully what people's experience is.
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