Cold Blood (1)

Cold Blood (1)

During the Cold War, two spies break a rule that will cost them Thier lives. They are born to hate each other but it's just the opposite. They fell in love with each other. They ended two superpowers within that war.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter I

It was 1958 the start of the Cold War. The Cold War was a war between the Soviet Union and the United States. It was forbidden to fall in love with the enemy. If someone did they would be killed, with no mercy. Not all follow this rule, it just so happens that a Russian spy named Gavriil Alexeev. He was clever and quiet. Who broke that one rule. He had met an American spy named Donatella Jones. She was the best sniper but she never used her gun. She was loud but clever. She had a mission...That was to gather information. His was the same.They wanted to kill each other, that was until one save. That one save made.......History. This is a story made from war, diaper, and love.
Garviil, a male Russian spy of the age 21. He was trying to find another spy but couldn't. He couldn't find that American spy no matter what. Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union wasn't going to be happy if he found out. That was until he heard a gun being loaded from the back of his head.
Garviil turned around and laughed on how little the person was holding the gun.She didn't show fear, even tough she was terrified. "Looks like the mission came to me instead!" He laughed more and easily kicked her down. "I never seen someone weak as you are! " he sneered at her. She looked up at him with no emotions "Listen here, I don't want to fight you sir. Hear me out that both of our nations will fall one day." Donatella states puling the gun on herself looking at him"Listen I don't care about who wins this stupid war. I want is something that can't be replaced!" Dollatella yelled with tears. Garviil , was there silent not knowing what to do."Listen end it now and you made my job easier " Garviil looked at her smirking. Donatella just smiled and shot behind her head shooting an Russian Soldier without looking" Well looks like I made your jobs five times more harder then " she giggled at him while he sighed knowing he was outsmarted by a girl....A girl. Garviil just sighed " Your smell of fear..Coming from you " he looked at her with pity. Donatella just smiled" I know that look before, everyone gives it to me because I cant seem to anything right anymore !" She cried happily.
She just stapped her own leg and cried in pain as the blood drip from her flesh which now has a infected wound. As she bled She just smiled at him " I hate hurting myself so I'm ending my suffering and my past mistakes made me this way...Not that my brother or father seems to care " She whispered quietly. Garviil couldn't believe what she just did, a soldier willing to give up her life just to end this bloody war. Well the war wasn't bloody, it was more like a race. But to the spies, it was war and ready to win. Garviil stood there a little shocked but picked her up and carried her to a safe place " A person who is willing to give their own life doesn't need to die early" Garviil sat her down gently then went to take the knife out but was stopped by her. " Why are you helping me ? We are rivals" Dollatella hissed. Garviil just looked at her and chuckled at her stupidity. She just glared at him " What is so funny! " She yelled madly getting up and pushing him away, still in pain.
Garviil reached for you wanting to help her in a way. Dollatella just backed up and ended up on the floor sitting down "Leave me alone ! I haven't done anything! And besides its your fault for starting the frecking cold war !" Dolleatella shouted and shook her arms to push him farer.
Garviil frowned for the first time in a while when she said that.It wasn't no ones fault this war happened. The people to blame is the the United States leader and the Soviet Union leader. Garviil went up to her and hugged her" Who cares who started it! C omrade! Look the Soviet Union is planning on sending Sputnik into sp-" he stopped realizing that he gave away what his nation was planning..
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