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The Internet: My Reflection
I used to live on this website in around 2010-2012. Thought I'd share the nostalgia of being a kid on this site. In other words, I'm bored and felt like writing.
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Mallor Institute
This is an on-going series that will be updated as I write. In the future of America where World War III has wiped out a good chunk of the population, nuclear radiation causes mutations. Several children are found and placed ...
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Cold Blood (1)
During the Cold War, two spies break a rule that will cost them Thier lives. They are born to hate each other but it's just the opposite. They fell in love with each other. They ended two superpowers within that war.
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Merge madness 9
I had a long and dramatic break but i am back and i will be gone for a while again.
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She hates me.
She hates me. My best friend hates me. I messed up. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
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Its Fun to Die on The Oregon Trail!
Basically my whole experience in that old game summed up into an awful crack story about my amazing friends and I
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The Reign of the Pirate Queen
The title Pirate Queen is one rarely uttered, and only with the utmost reverence. For she is the being of nightmares, the threat whispered by mothers to keep disobedient children in line. She is the maiden with long black hair ...
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abortion and why i agree with it
reasons why i agree with abortion, these are not opinions written down these are facts with evidence put behind it in why abortion should be safe and legal
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reasons i am not christian
there are many reasons why i am a atheist and do not believe in a "god" i thought i would share some articals that changed me from a christian to a Atheist
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The Rifters, book 2. "Jaybird."
I t seems like days since Cory and his good friends had gone to Ireland, met Strike, and recovered the Irish flag... now (as in the words of General Pearl.) they come to an important historical event... the war of 1812, the Bur...
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Barkstar's Broken Tale
Barkstar wasn’t always evil. She once had a kind heart, but something happened to change that. What made her change? Why did it make her change? Barkstar once Barkkit had a broken tale, always said to her in her sleep.
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The Acid Waste
Acid Waste is a character of mine and he has a story. A story with so many down you'd think it's a tragedy story by William Shakespeare, but it isn't. Just read to find out. (Warning: If stolen and re-posted as your own. You wi...
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Hamlet and James Dean Died Young
Young couple, once in love, now estranged: they discover that Shakespeare’s Hamlet was a reckless, disturbed, free-spirited youthful romantic.
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The true history behind pitbulls
Pitbulls have been hated, abused, avoided, all because of what people make them out to be! But that's because of the people who own them. I will put sources for the things I put in there, most I won't own. So again, I disown mo...
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Machiavelli and Brexit
Machiavelli believed that his country Italy could only become a unified nation by the force of a determined prince. What about Europe today? Should it become a unified nation? And How? Plus: love, swimming, fun, the beach, and ...
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The Five Clans ( Remake and Read Description )
(I'm remaking the this story to make it better. Have more correct grammar. So Enjoy as our cats take a wild roller-coaster ride) There's Five gods. Each one to a different Clan, but you may be asking me. Why are they gods? Let ...
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The life of Seg
This is like a little journal for Seg. She writes on it in certain days. So enjoy
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