Fiction and Nonfiction
Art Donations Descriptions (ACNH)
I might as well make one for the art donations. Though there aren't as many to describe as there are the creatures and fossils-
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26 Days Until Death...
If you're wondering about the death part, I'll explain. But for now... ENJOY!
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Loe Family Co.
The Loes decide to start a business. Then, it takes a terrible turn when they find another business.
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Songs That I Feel rn
i- do i really need a description? no. is qfeast making me do it? yes.
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I am Blue!
Guys! I am Ayumi! Blue the quiz whiz wants to be me! I AM AYUMI!! NOT LOK!
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The Greatest Showman songs
This is my fav movie EVER! this is a sad and happy movie and this circus was burn in the back of my school! And DONT make fun of them! Enjoy!
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Qfeasters Go to the Zoo
by yiffart starring yiffart and yiffart and everyone else. story request by whorfic
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estella fax
this is all you need to know abt my wife also i didnt write this but pls read
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how to turn online off!
how to turn online off! why so many word, i hate these "great" descripion.
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Five Nights of No Mercy characters
FNoNM takes place at Seth's Burger and Pizza Galore Joint, nicknamed by fans of the location as the ''Importium'' as only a majority of the animatronics fully appear to be a certain environment as they were imported from differ...
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Naruto / Boruto furry universe lore
some of my lore for the naruto furry universe. if there are any characters or anything you want to hear about then comment and i may add them in a future chapter
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I Rant
I write a lot of essays and have a lot of opinions. Most of these aren't even essays. I'd actually like some feedback and discussion, or maybe you just wanna rip off one of these rambles for a school project. I'm totally okay w...
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My Diary (1)
Hi my name is Stan Marsh this is my diary. i don’t know why the fück i have to censor the f word or why i have to make the description so fücking long.
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Theories of Qfeast's Algorithm
Slight TW on harassment This is a story containing theories about how Qfeast's algorithm works. To be specific, their PM algorithm, who they'll listen to and who they won't. About strikes, user's past, user's offense towards Q...
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The Internet: My Reflection
I used to live on this website in around 2010-2012. Thought I'd share the nostalgia of being a kid on this site. In other words, I'm bored and felt like writing.
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Mallor Institute
This is an on-going series that will be updated as I write. In the future of America where World War III has wiped out a good chunk of the population, nuclear radiation causes mutations. Several children are found and placed ...
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Cold Blood (1)
During the Cold War, two spies break a rule that will cost them Thier lives. They are born to hate each other but it's just the opposite. They fell in love with each other. They ended two superpowers within that war.
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Merge madness 9
I had a long and dramatic break but i am back and i will be gone for a while again.
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