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Mysteriousstar's Broken Tale
Mysteriousstar wasn’t always evil. She once had a kind heart, but something happened to change that. What made her change? Why did it make her change. Mysteriousstar once Mysteriouskit had a broken tale, always said to her in h...
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The Acid Waste
Acid Waste is a character of mine and he has a story. A story with so many down you'd think it's a tragedy story by William Shakespeare, but it isn't. Just read to find out. (Warning: If stolen and re-posted as your own. You wi...
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Hamlet and James Dean Died Young
Young couple, once in love, now estranged: they discover that Shakespeare’s Hamlet was a reckless, disturbed, free-spirited youthful romantic.
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The true history behind pitbulls
Pitbulls have been hated, abused, avoided, all because of what people make them out to be! But that's because of the people who own them. I will put sources for the things I put in there, most I won't own. So again, I disown mo...
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Machiavelli and Brexit
Machiavelli believed that his country Italy could only become a unified nation by the force of a determined prince. What about Europe today? Should it become a unified nation? And How? Plus: love, swimming, fun, the beach, and ...
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The Five Clans ( Remake and Read Description )
(I'm remaking the this story to make it better. Have more correct grammar. So Enjoy as our cats take a wild roller-coaster ride) There's Five gods. Each one to a different Clan, but you may be asking me. Why are they gods? Let ...
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The life of Seg
This is like a little journal for Seg. She writes on it in certain days. So enjoy
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Clouds of Visions
Sibuna traded away his sight for godhood. He traded everything away for power. But will he abuse that power? Will the world around him fall apart because he couldn't save a girl?
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the adventure begins
Texas used to be a happy state until Tragedy occurred now Texas has ran away from america and is now all alone until she meets wonderland her new friend now they're both gonna have to go to war
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Mae's Research Unlocked
Discover what Mae knows. These are all research essays I've done for my school so enjoy.
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Top 7 unbelievable historical concurrencies
These are top 7 unbelievable historical concurrencies in history. These are backed up with evidence, so you can't prove me wrong.
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The Otherside
The races have switched those who were white are now black and now whites are being hated. Living in the old century little bit after the civil war Mary Daniels, and John Wild face the African Republic.
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Qfeast Interviews
Hi! So here, I will interview some Qfeasters, and such. PM me if you want to be interviewed, and have fun looking at all these amazing people. THING: So it turns out that someone else did this in 2013, but people said that it w...
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Pact of Loyalty
Chalin, a newly formed country, signed its complete and utter obedience and loyalty to Rousette, an older and far more powerful country. Unbeknownst to the weak governors of Chalin, the dukes of Rousette have been taking advant...
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How to get your Phone back
Salutations this story will show you steps on how to get your phone back if it was taken away so I hope this will help you.
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Urgent News(Do Not Read If You Get Scared Easily)
This is not a story.This is some news about a man named RooshV.He wants to legalize something that can affect women drasticlly and men as well.He is anti-women and is very determined.I didn't know how else to share this or if w...
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Capability zodiac signs~love comparative
People wonder what will happen if you bring to of different zodiac signs together which seem both odd and rare. So here are a few compares of what signs seems rare enough to come together.
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Meaning of Zodiac signs
I bet some you wonder what your zodiac signs mean well I've been searching info about them so heres a story about what they mean hope you enjoy.
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