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FNoNM takes place at Seth's Burger and Pizza Galore Joint, nicknamed by fans of the location as the ''Importium'' as only a majority of the animatronics fully appear to be a certain environment as they were imported from different shut-down pizzeria's that are now unknown. After the previous owners decided to ditch the location, the pizzeria along with everything inside is now held up for a special auction. Instead of paying money, you must instead stay a whole week as a night guard at the location to deem it safe. The winner will now receive ownership of the pizzeria along with an extra $6,500 to persuade the new owner to keep it.

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Chapter 1.

Seth the Shiba Inu

Seth the Shiba Inu is the main antagonist of the game. He is seen as a 6-foot-tall animatronic based off the Japanese dog breed, Shiba Inu. Despite being based off something from Japan, he only loosely has a slight Japanese accent while the rest of his voice speaks English. Seth's design is nothing over the top, featuring a suit made from a thick plastic and covered with a fuzzy texture resembling an dark-orange-beige and golden fur that shiba inu's have. He has a pair of pointed ears poking from his head along with two shiny blue eyes. His hands resemble that of an anthropomorphic set of dog paws while his feet are the same, while he features 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot tipped with very blunt black claws. Tipped on the back of his pelvis, also made from synthetic fur, is a curled poofy tail. Seth seems to heavily rely on distracting you. He'll stand on some locations and even block two of the cameras in some of his poses. Eventually, Seth will be to inch toward your office and appear in the window. The smoke machine outside your office must be used to get rid of him. Seth will also appear at your left door. If he is not closed out, Seth will get into the office and jumpscare the player.
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