26 Days Until Death...

If you're wondering about the death part, I'll explain. But for now... ENJOY!

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26 Days Until Death...
Chapter 1.
Day One      April 30, 2021

Day One April 30, 2021

Hey, so the description wasn't so descriptive. So I'm gonna say the whole thing. I'm gonna spill the beans.

LISTEN TO 'Where's Hiccup?' by John Powell. It's from How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD)

  There's only 26 more days until my death. Death meaning until I'm gone for the summer. When school starts back up, I won't be on so much. I will try to be on then, but I can't promise that I'll be on. I posted a lot of photos because I had to clean out my computer. I don't have any photos on my computer, unless you count the ones that actually show what I look like. The photo on the front is my stuffed-animal.

  I'll always show a song recommendation at the end of each chapter, but I can only chose 1 out of 835. (I know that many songs). If you hate me, well, go kill yourself. I might go into details that you don't care about, so yeah.....
  I'll post a Vocaroo of this chapter being read to you, so yeah.

Song recommendation: Nico Nico Nii by FinesseGod

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