Hetalia X Reader One Shots

Hetalia X Reader One Shots

This story will have many characters so please don't worry if your character you want isn't in this if you guys and gals like this.Hope you enjoy.Requests are open.

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Chapter 1.
Itlay x Reader~  The Past Hurts

Itlay x Reader~ The Past Hurts

Itlay heard that Germany found a new ally for them but sadly this person wasn't a country." Itlay ! Get in here amd met your "new" ally " Germany yelled at Itlay so he could come to meet you."Ve~ your very pretty.I'm Itlay nice to meet you " Itlay said while shanking your hands " H..hi ..Itlay..its nice to meet you ...I'm Y/n " you said shyly." Y/n here will train with you and Japan but -" Germany didn't get to finished with his speech.Germany look at the time and it was time to train."Ok time to train " Germany yelled. You,Itlay,and, Japan had ,again, to run laps.
A week had past and Italy was acting really strange "Hey Italy you have been acting strange lately.Is something wrong " you ask." Umm I've never told anyone this,not even Germany.I can't say it out here please meet me in my room." Italy said looking down." Ok.That's fine.Let's go" you said following Italy.Germany followed you and Itlay.When you and Itlay got to his room and lock the door behind him." .....L.look ..o..k ...at nights when I go to bed I have theses nightmares that I cant do anything about. ." Itlay started while Germany was still there behind his allie's bedroom door,listening. "The nightmares is my past but whost.The reason why I had wounds and brushes on me is because.....my of my past " Itlay cried."And...my nightmares is about this one person who promise me something...... But this person never came  back..like he promise me." Itlay cried but harder." Itlay...I'm sorry" you said looking down while
Itlay looked at you " L..look .its not your fault " Itlay said and sees something."Whats that " Italy said  looking at your arm. " Oh! N..nothing " you said  hiding your arm "I don't think it's "nothing"  if you are hiding your arm " Itlay said pulling your arm out from behind your back.Italy. pulled up your shirt part that was on your arm Itlay looked at the wound on your arm.You stay quiet. " What...happen ..to your arm " Itlay said slowly.You stay quiet again." Answer me Y/n Now !" Itlay yelled "J.Jap" you said.Itlay was mad at him " Did Japan do this " Itlay asked slowly.
You nodded.Itlay ripped a piece of his shirt and tie it around your arm.Itlay goes and tries to fight Japan but fails." Why do you attack me " Japan asked Itlay" Because you hurt our allie Y/n " Itlay yelled."Y/n is just a-" Japan didn't get to finished he sentence because Itlay had punch him.Itlay goes back to his bedroom and finds you asleep on his bed." Y/n..must have been waiting forever on me." Itlay whispered and softly kiss your forehead and letted you sleep while he   fixes pasta for everyone.
Germany found out what he did to Japan and he aslo found out what he did to Y/n."Hey sleeply head " Itlay said softly waking you up." Food is ready bella~.Ve~ " Itlay said.You got up and went in kitchen."Hey bella.Can I talk to you " Itlay asked " Ok" you said and followed Itlay outside."I wanted to say th...tha...that..." Itlay said messing up.Itlay slowly moved forward towards your face and passionately kisses your lips while playing with your hair.You kissed back and put your arms around his neck.You and Itlay kissed for about 5 minutes passionately.Itlay loved you and you loved Itlay.
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Right now its just Itlay but I'm working on Canada
on June 19, 2017