Levi x Reader

Levi x Reader

Hello and this story is about Levi the titan killer falls in love with the reader remember this is going to a SHORT story and please NO HATEFUL COMMENTS.

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Levi ~ Best Friend And A Great Cleaner

Levi ~ Best Friend And A Great Cleaner

"Y/n theses windows aren't going to clean themselves you know " Levi told you "I trying Levi "you cried.Levi walks over and "Y/n go train with the others ok I'll hand the cleaning ok "Levi whispered in your ear  and pushed you out the door.The next day you woke up so early and started cleaning up like Levi asks people to do."Maybe I won't be in trouble this time "you said to yourself then you heard something coming
and the door opened by no other than Levi himself "Y/n why are you up so early "Levi asked "Well I wanted to get a head start on my cleaning today so that's why "you answered."Well everyone is hearing something so they came to me and go see what the sounds "Levi said tried "Levi go get some rest ok "you told him"Why "Levi questioned "Cause your the squad leader Levi and you have to be on point " you
answered." Your conditionly putting yourself down and working WAY too hard "Levi yelled"Levi please don't yell "you said "Sorry "Levi whispered "Now you have been down lately what's wrong Levi ?"you asked "Nothing " Levi told you "You Know you can trust me right  " you asked"Fine I really miss Petra y/n I .... can't go on without her " Levi cries you walked over him and hugged him "shh it ok I'm here " you comfort him. "Thanks .....hey y/n " Levi asked "Yes" You answered "Your just like her your gentle, nice , caring, hard worker, and you don't give up when most people just give up and I..I ..I'm sacred of telling people this but I love you y/n  and I'll protect you until I die " Levi said leading in and kissing you."Your the new Petra " Levi said and helping you finish cleaning. The next morning the squad saw you and Levi sleeping together in a chair  "Aww I kenw he had to tell her someday " Eren whispered to Mikasa she nobs. "Ever since Petra die I didn't think that Levi would never love anyone else "Eren whispered again "Yeah " Mikasa whispered to him "I'm very glad that he found his Petra again" Mikasa whispered while waking out of the room you yawn and you noticed that Levi had his arms around you and was sleeping soundly.
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This was an adorable story!!!
on May 05
Wtf how are my dreams real
on March 01