The Lonely Girl (1)

The Lonely Girl (1)

Hello again and you guys wanted another story so I'm making this one.One Day there was this girl who was lonely and she didn't have any friends and her father abused her.Her life changed when she met a boy named Blue.Please comment if you want more.Ps THE.GREAT.PAPYRUS.and.sans gave me a fantastic plot for my story.

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Chapter 1.


"Hey come here you " her father said Ylva walked over there where her father was at.He start to punching her, kicking her,and smash a beer bottle on her head cause it bleed.Then her father made her face all bloody and she tried to fight back but it didn't work out "HEY SQUAD GET OUT AND NEVER  COME BACK " Ylva's father yelled .Ylva ran out of her house and went to the park and hide behind a tree crying her eyes out."Hey there why are you crying " a boy said while waking up to the tree Ylva knew who voice it was it was Blue Dale the vist president of student council.
"No...No " Ylva choked up Blue knew that Ylva was crying "You never cry " Blue say clamly as he sat down beside her."Please tell why are you crying " Blue asked clamly
Ylva hugged Blue and started crying again Bule just hugged her "Shh now tell why are you crying " Blue clamly asked again still holding her."My..My father a....abuses me "Ylva said with a tear Bule wiped her tears away from her face "Why does he do that to you Ylva " Blue asked "Because of my mother's death " Ylva told him "He thinks it all my fault that she die " Ylva said again.Blue just hold her as she cried and listened to what Ylva had to say" H.......he ...a..also ..k...kick ..out of my house Blue" Ylva said crying again Blue just stroked her hair because he loved her and her wanted to protect her.Blue knew what he was going to  kiss her "Hey Ylva " Blue whispered her ear "Yes " Ylva answered "Can I be your friend "  Bue asked clamly again cause he knew if he would asked her for permission to kiss her she would be even more sadder.  "But...Blue your vist student council president and I don't want you to make a fool out of yourself " Ylva said "I don't care about my reputation of vist president of student council "Blue said "Bl..ue " Ylva said Blue didn't care.
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