The Book of Fangirl Problems

The Book of Fangirl Problems

This is a book of all the struggles that every type of fangirl has to go through.

published on October 01, 2016100 reads 19 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Author's Notes

Hi, guys!

This is a book of fangirl problems. Every kind of fangirl goes through things that can be annoying or stressful, so here is a book of struggles that you might have.

This book is for all fangirls, because all of us go through different things depending on who or what we like. But I'm only really going to be writing about the problems that people have as singer and band fangirls, TV show fangirls and book fangirls, because they're the types that I am, and I prefer to write things based on my own experiences.

I will try to update this whenever I think of something to put in it, or whenever I go through a fangirl problem myself. If something I write in this book has actually happened to me, I might add a small note about it so that you know where the inspiration has come from.

I hope you guys like this and find it relatable, and don't forget to rate this story and comment!

~ McDermottsAngel/Victoria
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Comments (2)

My bias in Kpop is like 10 years older than me… *cringes*
on December 30, 2017
a small correction: its more like the book is a year away or two
on October 02, 2016