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Too Haate or Too Love: Lotil's Story
An innocent heart of pure gold Torn away from a past untold Holding back all emotions Will soon break one's devotions
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Let's Talk Fandoms
Okay, just so you know these are my opinions on certain fandoms and ones I actually know about so don't be throwing bullshit at me. Btw the picture is of my dog, Lucky
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Fnaf: Their Story
What has happened throughout the years of 1983 to the year that ended the loving place known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? What's the story behind the mysteries of those past places? Well no one knows but in this story I'll be ...
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Lurking Nightmares: Lost Memories
A new year has started. The past has been left forgotten. Nobody remembers them. They are lost. Restless. Angered. The place now abandoned. What's left of them are motionless. But they're spirits still roam. Ryan and his friend...
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Lurking Nightmares: Relocation
21 years she has been waiting. Revenge is all she seeks. They were relocated to a place of many know about. One knows of a danger that lurks in every shadow. She is always watching. Forgotten. Rejected. Broken... But is she as ...
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Lurking Nightmares: Demented Eyes
They're watching your every move. No longer are they happy memories. Deadly sharp fangs and terrifying forms. What has come to the animatronics from back in the past? Beware. Their coming for you. Be prepared to read this new ...
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Lurking Nightmares: The Return
Remember the day those teens died and became the animatronics that vowed revenge? If so, they've been relocated to another place but this time they won't be on the stage no more. Those animatronics were locked away in storage d...
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Lurking Nightmares
What happened on the day of May 17th 2001? The workers of the establishment Ellie's Diner and Aracade have hidden secrets unknown to the outside world. Such as the deaths of six teenagers who went missing from when an accident ...
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Fnaf songs!
This will be filled with all my favorite fnaf songs and possibly a few of others who like fnaf so enjoy!
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Animatronic Heart's Music
Hey guys these are my own songs and a few fnaf songs as well that I've made up so i hope you'll enjoy.
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Versions to the Core
Characters singing their own versions of these songs I'm familiar for a few of my characters. So enjoy.
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Bee ready this is a story that will be full of puns so if you can't handle da puns than leave me presence. Also, i accept offers of pun ideas and will give you your own chapter if you have puns or jokes of your own so enjoy!
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Scarlette's story: A New Purpose
This is a take about Scarlette's childhood past and how she met Shadow the hedgehog. Wait til you see the truth behind Scarlette's story.
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Book of Se-xu-ality
Well of course if your wondering why i spaced the word out cause Qfeast would turn this story into profile so its like that. Anyways this will be about all the types of Sexuality and what they are so I hope you enjoy.
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Shattered Mirrors
On days that seems quite and not a living thing is to be seen. A girl who has a power beyond even her own control. Speaking to the dead was never something Ava would have expected. Ave Montyago was just an ordinary 15 year old ...
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Capability zodiac signs~love comparative
People wonder what will happen if you bring to of different zodiac signs together which seem both odd and rare. So here are a few compares of what signs seems rare enough to come together.
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Welcome to my Evil Side (Scourge x Ashfur)
Welcome to the renege shipping AshfurxScourge I hope you'll guys enjoy it I must tell you that some of these chapters may seem messed up and there mostly written by Blackwillow a user on on but since she has not...
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Dark Blood
This is a story about werewolves and vampires but mainly about a werewolf named Shayla who is discovering that she is part werewolf. She soon realizes that humans do not respect her werewolf roots so she and her sister Coyota f...
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