Fnaf: Their Story

Fnaf: Their Story

What has happened throughout the years of 1983 to the year that ended the loving place known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? What's the story behind the mysteries of those past places? Well no one knows but in this story I'll be telling it in my own way with the characters having POVS as they tell you their story.

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Chapter 1.

Bites of 83 part 1 (Baby)

Year of 1983. Location: Circus Baby's Pizza

Good year, good times. At least I thought it would be my name is Baby here with me are my good friends: Ballora, Funtime Foxy, and Funtime Freddy who I spent everyday performing with them was grand during the nights we could roam free but with a place located underground was I could say kind of dark and damp but some visitors didn't mind really. Ballora dances for the children making them all smile along with the little Minireenas, Funtime Foxy or Felicia as she goes by and Funtime Freddy or Fred sing and interact with them, while I sang on my own stage with the bidybabs, besides not many children came to see me but it was only one day. I stood on the stage singing, in process I did count each group of children that come running in and out in groups of two, three, four, or five none sat at the tables instead once in while watch me listening to my songs while others seemed afraid of me. Once again I kept counting them each time they entered the room made me smile seeing how great it is to see such playful children be free to play while me and my friends are forced to entertain but I don't mind sometimes though all we want to be is set free being in this place is horrible if we aren't in our right positions we'll be shocked for what they call "motivation" to keep us in our place.
I can't stand it, before I was brought to this stage area my friends introduced me to Ennard: A torn up looking animatronic who's body was only an endoskeleton with a mask on and what looked like extra sets of eyeballs on him he actually sounded pretty kind but really we had our suspicion about him when the creator of us, Mr. Afton came by to check all was working well Ennard had the idea to guide the man to the scooping room a place where things get scooped if they are of no use and when none of us agreed to his idea he disapproved and said: "One day, you'll come around to the idea. Just think about it" he spoke slyly before disappearing into the shadows. In my opinion he could have a good idea I am desperate to be free but right now isn't the time I do remember I was on the stage singing making balloons for children who wanted some I can make ice cream....except it was only once. I continued counting the children til no more ran in only one remained. A little girl, orange hair and green eyes like me: it was Afton's daughter, Mitchell Afton a sweet little girl who I know I was based off to look like but I do recall hearing her ask many times to see me but Afton would not allow it. Mitchell, having the chance snuck in to see me I was singing still the girl looked at me smiling "I don't see why daddy wouldn't let me see you, your wonderful" I would have responded to her kind comment by making balloons but something new happened instead.

I stopped singing. Dropping the microphone I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything only my stomach opened with ice cream handed out to Mitchell who smiled taking the ice cream looked around "Where did all the other children go?" She had said before suddenly the grabber that held the ice cream had captured her pulling the girl into the trap inside me. My stomach closed and I returned to normal children did start running in and out the room again but over all the excitement they couldn't hear Mitchell crying out for help only I could. Now she's gone but sometimes I can hear her voice, it's distant but I hear it. The question is: Why did that happen?
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