Dark Blood

Dark Blood

This is a story about werewolves and vampires but mainly about a werewolf named Shayla who is discovering that she is part werewolf. She soon realizes that humans do not respect her werewolf roots so she and her sister Coyota flee from the city and into the woods where they belong. Now Shayla and Coyota must live out alone in the woods out of sight from any humans who dare threaten them not only that they have to fight off a group of vampires who are trying to take over. Will Shayla and her little sister make it alive? Find out in their story "Dark Blood" and find out what happens.

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Chapter 1.
Secrets to hide (Shayla)

Secrets to hide (Shayla)

It was late at night the moon was full and nothing lurked through out the city except the darkening shadows of dark figure that sits and waits without even blinking. If you should know that figure is me, my name is Shayla I've never really known about my odd wolf/human heritage til the night I transformed into what I am now known to be a werewolf and next to me is my sister, Coyota, she to is a werewolf but with blue marks on her. We discovered that are father was a werewolf while our mother was nothing but a mere human who had no idea that are father was a werewolf. Fearing the worse for us she tried all she could to protect us from him but failed when she ended up becoming the victim of a vampire attack. The vampire tried to kill us but my father got to it first and killed him with one swift bite to the throat.
My father mourned for our mother's death and buried in the place where she died to always remember her. After this I understand what threats roam this city since are father once told us how humans fear our werewolf forms and what they will do to you if they spot us. Trust me I've learned that the hard way because one day on a cold night like this the moon was full and we were out in the city with our father when a human spotted us. He had a gun aimed at me and Coyota but as the silver bullet flew out my father jumped in front of us then collapsed to the ground with blood pouring out from his jaw.  
"Run Shayla and Coyota run!" he barked the words out.

"But...dad we can't leave you!" I howl mercifully my father lifts his head slowly then looks into my bright sorrow filled eyes.
"Do not worry about me Shayla you are a strong and dependable wolf and I know you can make it as long as you remember that I'll always be with you never forget that now go retreat to the woods you'll be safe there with your sister Coyota go and never turn back!" My father shouts his last breathe as his head falls back to the ground and lies there motionless.Tears fill my eyes "Dad no please wake up! Please!" I howl begging for him to awaken but he doesn't budge, breathe, or say even a word as I and Coyota stand over his body mourning for him but as we mourn for our father's loss we hear a loud bang as I quickly dodge a silver bullet from hitting my side then remember the human who had killed our father.

I was enraged at this human for what he has done. All my pain and sorrow soon become pure anger as I tell Coyota to go head off into the woods while I deal with the killer of my father. "Shayla I can't leave you what if the human shoots you?" Coyota asked worried. I turn to face her.
"I will be fine Coyota now go quickly" I say frantically as Coyota leaves me and are fathers motionless body behind to head off into the woods. The human notices Coyota     retreating to the woods and aims his gun at her I jump at him to get a hold of his weapon then pull it out of his hands too keep him unarmed. As soon as I got the gun I  slammed it hard against the brick wall breaking it in half. The human man stands there horrified as he reaches into his pocket to grab a silver knife and aim it straight at me but without no fear I charge at him then jump up on my hind legs making myself almost airborne. though as i land on the man he uses his silver knife to scrape the right side of cheek making howl in agony as I pull away feeling the agonized burning when the silver knife touched me leaving two clean new scars under my eye. The human flees but as fast as lightning I shake the pain away then chase after the man catching up to him like a speeding torpedo.
Again like before I jumped up and landed hard on his back in a quick second the man tried to use his silver knife on me again but I swatted out of his hands with my paw then bit down on him until my teeth touched bone making him scream in agony. Then like when a fire goes out his body turns pale and lays like a motionless statue for what I've done is something I will never forget and just so everyone will know of the kill I have just made i will have the scars to prove it because I Shayla am not human but werewolf on the inside and out.
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