Lurking Nightmares: The Return

Lurking Nightmares: The Return

Remember the day those teens died and became the animatronics that vowed revenge? If so, they've been relocated to another place but this time they won't be on the stage no more. Those animatronics were locked away in storage decaying from missing parts and than there are the newer animatronics who are the best attractions for "Funtime City" it may seem fun but what's the story behind them that creates their forms. Are they also young teens who've suffered like Ellie and her friends? Find out in Lurking Nightmares: The Return.

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Chapter 1.

Prologue - Incomplete

January 6th, 2018

Months. No! A whole year, went bye since the day "Funtime City" opened up the place apparently was magical and extraordinary that me and my friends just had to see it. My name is Jody I have black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin while to my right side was my twin brother; Caleb, who also had blue eyes, back hair, and pale skin. We may argue sometimes but we get along perfectly, along with us are our friends Nial a blonde with hazel eyes, and dark skin, Makayla a red head, who has brown eyes, and tan skin, Aria who's eyes are green, has brunette hair, and pale skin, and finally Diana a dirty blonde with hazel eyes and suntan skin.
As we make it to the building I notice the closed sign on the door. "It's closed?" I questioned confused Caleb shrugged "Maybe they're still working on a few things that probably aren't yet set up" I looked at him "Maybe..." I looked back at the building than looked over to see something peeking from a closed curtain but before I could get a full glance of it the peeking figure was gone. Nial growled feeling a bit irritated "This is a waste of time, why are we still here if this place isn't even open yet?" He huffed crossing his arms. Aria rolled her eyes "Oh calm yourself Nial, we can always come back another time" she spoke leaning against the wall of the building when the sound of footsteps came out way.

We all back from the building a couple feet away and notice a woman with blue dyed hair and what looks to be a blue uniform with a name tag saying "Lula" on it. "Can I help you kids with something?" She asked her voice light and kind. "Um....hi do you work here?" I ask before answering feeling nervous "Yes, I do work here. My name is Lula Everen now again why is it you kids are here?" She asked again sounding questionable.
Diana is the first to answer "Well we were here to see the opening of Funtime City but it seems to be closed, why is that?" She asked titling her head while Lula adjusts her hat "Oh the reason for that is we have not yet completed finishing our animatronic designs and right now we are missing...uh an important part to complete them" she speaks grinning hiding a sly smile. "Okay, well even though your not yet open can we at least have a tour around the place just too see what it'll be like?" I perk up awaiting for an answer.
Lula thinks for a minute looking away from us smirking darkly than looking back at us. "Alright sure, I'll give you  teens a tour" she smiled grimly watching me and my friends jump for joy "Just come this way and I'll show you guys around" opening a back door Lula leads me and friends into the building which I never thought would become our prison.

Right as we walk in Lula gives us the tour showing us where the animatronics will be as well as many activities. There was the main stage in the dining room, a party room, an office, east halls, fox den located in the kids play area, than finally the teen's hangout where they could play games, eat, and have their own entertainment. This place was absolutely spectacular I couldn't help but smile brightly when I noticed a closed door on a room titled "Storage. Keep out!" I wondered what could be in there but I kept walking ignoring the strange vibes coming from in there we suddenly come to a stop near a repair room. "Why are we going in there?" Makayla looked nervous once Lula opened up that door it revealed many spare animatronic parts "Just letting you get your first glance at our work in progress animatronics, go on take look around" she held an arm out towards some animatronics in a corner. My eyes widened with excitement I ran over to the animatronic bat with a star on it's chest "I like this one" I placed my hands on the suit feeling it's soft fabric and hard metal underneath when Lula came up behind me "You like that one? That's Ginger and the other one is her twin brother Solar" she pointed towards another white bat animatronic with a Sun mark on it's chest I grin "Caleb look these two bad are like twin siblings! Like you and me." Caleb smiled looking at the Solar animatronic "That's cool" Lula nodded "Yep, now have a look around guys and pick your favorites " she announced watching us run about to the animatronics we liked. Makayla came up to a pink cat animatronic with black stripes, and speaker on chest that was known as Holly. Nial went to a lemur animatronic that wore a pink now on it which was a weird choice since he's a dude which was called Lauren. Aria chose a yellow pony animatronic that had a purple mane and heart on it's chest. Than last but not least Diana chose the red fox that worn a collar spelling out "Rowdy" on the tag.

We all examined the animatronics curiously and loving their forms as well as unique designs when suddenly the door shut than a clicking of a lock was triggered. We stopped what we were doing standing up to notice Lula had locked the door keeping us from getting out my heart starts beating at a fast pace "What do you think your doing?" I asked trying to hide my fear but Lula only chuckled in response "I guess you don't remember about me saying we needed a missing part to complete the animatronics and guess what? Your the missing parts." Before I could react that crazed woman charged me and this agonized pain suddenly shot through my center I stand face full of horror the sinking blade of the machete went straight through me . I gasped blood running down I look at my brother and my friends seeing them now becoming only blurs, the woman pulls the blood stained machete out of me, I collapse to the ground, everything going dark only to hear the final screams of my friends dying away too.
I'm in consciousness, but wait....Why is that? I open my eyes to slits trying to adjust to light I find myself in the dining room. "Where am I? How is-" I got cut off when I noticed I was wearing the suit of Ginger the bat not only that I can't remember anything but wait I soon look back at that moment of death Lula that so called worker killed us. She killed me and my friends making us into these monstrosities! I growl turning to my right I notice Solar my twin brother of course and tap on his shoulder to attempt him to wake up after a couple of tries his eyes open and he looks up at me but surprised. "What the huh?" Solar flips out and feels his face "This can't be happening!" He hissed flapping his robotic wings blabbering out words that is just gibberish. I grab my brother by the shoulders, look him in the face and shake him "Snap out of it Solar! Calm down" Solar takes a deep breathe trying to relax himself "Ginger, what's going on? Why are we like this?" He asked sounding upset. Sighing in response I turn away from him arms crossed, ears down "It was that worker, Lula who did this to us. She made us into this because we were what was missing to complete the animatronics and now..." I turn to him again spreading put my wings showing my complete new form "We're attractions" my brother's ears went down in response than hugged me and I hugged back "Ginger, but what about are friends. What happened to them?" He asked pulling away with concern in his face. I shrug "I don't know, but I do believe they've gone through the same fates and if so well I guess til we can find ways to escape this we'll just have to make the most of it" on that day everything changed for us we were never the same again, just animatronics roaming free at night whose souls are now restless.
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