Lurking Nightmares: Relocation

Lurking Nightmares: Relocation

21 years she has been waiting. Revenge is all she seeks. They were relocated to a place of many know about. One knows of a danger that lurks in every shadow. She is always watching. Forgotten. Rejected. Broken... But is she as bad as you think? Behold the fourth book of Lurking Nightmares: Relocation where a new enemy awaits to strike and new secrets are yet to be uncovered. Your never alone.

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Chapter 1.

Prologue - The Good Old Days

May 19th, 2020

21 years it has been since the last time I ever laud my eyes on light, a bright light that I use to see when I  had the spotlight with the friends always by my side. We'd sing and play for the young children who'd come to see us everyday so we can make them smile it was good times with Jasper and Myth but now it's gone. The good times have died and here I am hiding in the darkness keeping out sight from those who I dare not allow to see my complexion of what I have become, every part of me withered from my torn ears, suit, and loose wires I knew I was never in the best shape but I could still function properly. My name back in the past was Lolly wolf before everything changed now I call myself Broken and all I desire is revenge towards those who caused my suffering I live out my days now in this  dark basement where another animatronic lives in so anytime he comes back with his boyfriend I have to remain silent and still so they don't think I'm still functional. Anytime they come down here I hear them discuss many things about other animatronics that who I assume are upstairs which had made me curious when the yellow one mentioned new attractions, this fascinated me cause the day I was first brought to this dump was not a happy day at all.
Once in a while being in the condition I have I am able to fix myself if something of mine breaks off I can just screw it back on easy as that. Over the years I have learned much about how the animatronic system works so I can pretty much fix up any if I chose too but that's for another day when I'm not in a need for revenge looking around the basement I dig through some boxes and find an old picture I saved of me and my old friends who were gone now angered me I whispered: "Don't worry my old friends, we'll meet again some day and maybe bring back what we use to have." Feeling hopeful I put the photo away and carve with one of my claws into the wall writing the words "Always Watching" on it then I returned to the extra room of spare parts and sat myself in the corner I shut my eyes letting sleep overcome me.
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