Lurking Nightmares: Demented Eyes

Lurking Nightmares: Demented Eyes

They're watching your every move. No longer are they happy memories. Deadly sharp fangs and terrifying forms. What has come to the animatronics from back in the past? Beware. Their coming for you. Be prepared to read this new terrifying tale in Lurking Nightmares: Demented Eyes.

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Chapter 1.

Prologue - Behold Your True Fears

July 7th, 2018

It's been only three in a half years since...well I became a junior last year. It's summer time of course and waiting for senior year to come around makes you really nervous, trust me I know the feeling. The name's Lauren. I wear glasses of course that are blackish I think with a bit of purple on it, my eyes are known to be crystal blue, hair naturally dirty blonde but I like dying it a light blonde once in a while, my hair is kind if cut down to my shoulders, my eyebrows seem pretty thick to but what some call "harry caterpillars," and pale skin. Of course during these times of days I enjoy sleeping in til 10:00 or something during mornings since there is no school in the summer I dream off in my own little world away from reality since well I never enjoyed this life I'm living though only my friends know that.
Jennifer. My bestest friend in the whole wide world who I've known since I was just a baby but during intermediate we could only see other at school cause the friendship between my mom and Jennifer's dad broke for reasons that are best not told but at least I can still be friends with her. Jacob. Now he's a gay dude ------ which is pretty cool ---- who was a bit weird when I first met him in probably around 3rd or 4th grade? I don't know let's just say one time at lunch he pretended to be pregnant man those were good times; though now we don't talk to each other often maybe a simple hi or how are you every now and than but we're still friends in a way. Now Jackson. I've been friends with him since kindergarten and he always made me laugh to me he was always like a brother to me. Gabi first meeting at primary school she hated my guts even throughout middle school but overtime we learned to get along as in sort of just friends thing; she's also known to be transsexual. Than we have Mya. Now I've known Mya for probably about I don't know three in a half years I think? When we first met she and I didn't get along but overtime we got to know each other more later on becoming we soon became good friends; she's also pansexual and tells pretty good puns. As for Elaine, I don't remember when I met her but I believe it was on a school bus and I sat down next to her we actually started talking about fiction things also doing what some people call roleplay was really fun. Though by now she's already in college but we text to one another a couple of times; by the way she's pansexual as well at least I think so? I can't remember. Now as for Stormy and Shawnee; I met Stormy when I first moved into a trailer house in Decatur we spoke now and than but since my parents put a fence up I can't see her very often. Finally, Shawnee I'm not able to stay in contact with her since she lacks a phone and I only see her during school though are friendship seems quite srable.

Yeah, the friends I have are pretty great though sometimes I feel held back or left out. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I'm bisexual though being the only one in my family who's not straight and not Christian really can overwhelm someone; trust me I know the feeling. Only my sister accepts me bit she doesn't know I don't believe in such thing as God but I won't judge other's religion and if my family ever knew about my "Sinned secrets" I'd be shunned or either forced to be something I'm not. It's scares me just thinking about it, only my friends understand, overtime I have pretended to pray when really I'm lost in thought but heck it's how I have to live life. Anyways, it's was about 9:00 pm I was chilling on my phone while my parents watched tv and my sister sat in there with them I remained in my room laying back in my fluffy pink chair next to my bed letting my legs relax on it I check a few of my social medias when I began hearing scraping sounds in the walls like I usually do but this time way louder. I lift my head up from my phone towards the noise to the left of my wall near my bed confused the sound stops. Silence again. "That was strange..." I say facing back to my phone the lights in my room suddenly start flickering I lift my head up again my face seeming irritated "Oh come on! It can't be dying on me now" I grunt getting up from my seat the flickering goes to an end I stand near the chair confused and a bit nervous I remember during school I would sometimes see the lights flicker around me or my friends but I always thought that was just my imagination or the power dying. Taking a deep breathe I walk towards the light to examine it but nothing seems damaged or flickering anymore.
Fear and uncomfortable vibes suddenly start crawling about me as well as shivering goosebumps I feel a cold shadowy hand touch my right shoulder and something whisper "Remember me?" I turn around and immediately scream  to where my parents could hear me. The shadowy figure loomed over me I saw it be shaped in a robotic cat form but exposing terrifying fangs and sharp claws, the creature walks towards me suddenly my front door shuts blocking my only escape; Banging and shouts from my parents came from the other side; they couldn't get in!; but the door has no lock but by looks of this beast it has locked me in with some sort of dark forces so no one could save me. "What do you want?" I ask scooting back against the wall fear in my voice, the shadow tilts it's head "What I want is you Lauren. You see me and my friends have been searching and searching for a few years to find the right young beings to complete us and we stumbled upon you and your lovely friends." The figure smiled with a chuckle at my face now horrified "What! No, don't hurt my friends. Leave them alone!" I shout though the creature grabbed me by the throat and lifted me up the ground "I'm afraid I can't do that. The deed has been done and it will be complete Lauren. In way, I'm surprised you haven't recognized me" she hissed in a amusement at my weak struggles I gasped "What do -" I gag trying to breathe "mean?" She laughs aloud holding me up against the wall "So you don't recognize me? Such a shame. Well maybe this will remind you. It's me Ellie." She chants looking me in the eyes seeing them widen in shock "E-Ellie?" I stutter once again being choked "Indeed and don't worry you'll be with your friends again. We'll be together forever." Before I knew it shrieks echoed through my mind, a blind light brightened the room and everything goes dark I lay on the ground feeling different and monstrous all there is now is silence when the smashing sound of what seems to be my door breaking. The voices of people search around my room, I remain still figuring the people were officers.

One of them decides to come get a look at me, I stay still playing dead a gentle nudge a foot touches my back my eye bursts open and without thinking attacked the officers who hesitated to shoot me were immediately killed from the nasty bites of my new fangs and stabbing claws.

I hear the cries of my parents coming in as well as my sister who now is screaming all look terrified of me; the instincts of my savage form said to attack the targets and the other to let them go. I listened to my savage instincts and went in for the kill, everything was a blurry mess; standing now in my family's own blood oily tears stream down my face "I'm sorry. Please don't forget me." I whisper to myself quickly running out the door towards the woods where I run into a familiar figure, Terra who was savage looking like me explained how the neighbors next my house were killed because of her I realize one of my friends have become victim as well. A curse is what this is now. A curse that cannot yet be broken is one thing you can never contain as we both roam away from are old past to meet up with old friends.
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