Scarlette's story: A New Purpose

Scarlette's story: A New Purpose

This is a take about Scarlette's childhood past and how she met Shadow the hedgehog. Wait til you see the truth behind Scarlette's story.

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Chapter 1.

Where it all began

Far far away in a cold place where no trees grew, dark skies hungover, and no light was to be seen. This place was known as the Dark Realm where one she-wolf mobian has been forced to live in by her demonic father, Soarin.
The young mobian was only 14 and had she'd gotten tired of being like a slave. For half her life she has been here being tormented to follow into the darkness but has always refused. The mobian was named Scarlette, she stood over the balcony staring off into the horizon wondering when she may break free from this horrid place.
A memory of Scarlette's lingers to her mind to when she was just a 5-year old girl when her mother, Karina was killed by Soarin who than kidnapped her and ever since was forced to love under his deathly gaze. Scarlette has always hated how her life worked being pushed further to hurt innicent lives. But has always refused and when she refused, she was punished.

Footsteps soon approach from behind Scarlette as a hand touches her shoulder. She turns ever so slightly to notice Soarin. "What do you want this time?" Scarlette asked annoyed. Soarin only glared but than smiled "Scarlette i am here because i believe it is time you learn chaos control" Soarin spoke as if he had something dirty planned.
Scarlette's ears perked with curiosity, "Chaos control?" The mobian was most surprised as her father nodded and snapped his fingers revealing a blue chaos emerald in the palm of his hand. "This here us a chaos emerald, it gives you the ability to teleport to any dimension or place at anytime or fighting if you shout chaos spear it will appear but if you shout chaos control you will be teleported to another location." Soarin told how the chaos emerald was so great an idea appeared in Scarlette's head.
"Father, maybe i can practice with the chaos emerald and use it to destroy innocent lives" Scarlette lied. Soarin thought for a moment than smiled devilish like."Well than Scarlette seems you have grown to finally follow my footsteps" The green fured wolf  spoke surprised. "So why not? I'll trust you with this chaos emerald but don't lose it or else"  Scarlette nodded and did a fake evil smile as her father handed her the shiny emerald than left her alone on the balcony.

The purple striped wolf looked down at the emerald admiring it's beauty than held it tight in her hand. "Hope this works" Scarlette hoped as she closed her eyes tightly shouted "Chaos Control!" The emerald glowed as a white light surrounded her Scarlette watched through the beaming lights as the Dark Realm slowly vanished and just like that. She was gone.
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