Shattered Mirrors

Shattered Mirrors

On days that seems quite and not a living thing is to be seen. A girl who has a power beyond even her own control. Speaking to the dead was never something Ava would have expected. Ave Montyago was just an ordinary 15 year old girl before at the age of 5 she began seeing spirits some with horrid past and horrible faces how she earned this nightmaric power is a mystery. So read the story and enjoy.

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The whispers

The whispers

Everything was okay in the beginning, til the day I discovered I could speak to the dead at the age of 5. Yeah you heard me. I speak to ghost or spirits like some call em. I never knew this til my parents sent me away cause I was speaking to things they could not see. Thinking I gone insane at 15 I was sent to a mental facility hoping this "problem" of mine wouldn't get out of hand.
But...It did. My name is Ava Montyago and I'm the only one that can speak to dead spirits some who are good others who are cruel and very disrespectful. Each of theses spirits have experienced horrid past, deaths, and possibly murdering the innocent. Seems lots of spirits have lived here for more than 50 years longer than here. Sure they seems scary but their quite lovable once you show compassion. Others don't believe in such creatures but I do since the fact I speak to them BEYOND the grave. Many of the doctors or nurses find me unstable and well...INSANE which would be true cause they can't see the ghost like I can. So pretty much if I'm caught speaking to a spirit and the nurses see me they just lock me up in a padded room for the rest of my life. But its worth it cause I actually enjoy their company.
Because ever since I came here most of the patients I've met talk to themselves or practically threaten to kill themselves so I had some trouble making friends with living people I preferred speaking with the dead it seems. Anyways, so I do have spirits that are good friends to me but there's one whose an even closer friend. Her name is Anais Vain whose about about my age. She died from being beaten and abused to death by her abusive father. Who seems to have cut her a couple of times with a shard of glass which explains why thee are cuts across her arms and tears all over her shirt. Leaving her with stained blood on her face, arms, and along her hair lines as if someone poured red dye all over her. Her eyes were nothing but blue with an emptiness that showed behind the sockets
. If you look her in the eyes you can see her final moments flash before your own eyes as her father killed her.
Leaving all but a deep scar across her side that still remains. "How does it feel to be alive Ava?" Anais asked looking straight down on the floor. I was a bit surprised to hear her ask this. "Well Anais, I know it feels like well like you can been seen by people feel your blood pumping, hear your heart many things like that" I reply warily. "Your lucky, I wish I was alive than maybe I wouldn't be where I am now" Anais hissed in anger as a wave of anxiety surrounded the room. I felt sick when a ghost feels like this you can feel waves coming off them to make you feel sick but i've learned to get used to it. I hugged Anais to comfort her. "Anais if I could I would turn back time and help stay alive but even we don't have the strength to do something like that" Ananis cried on my shoulder "I'm sorry I wish I knew how to help you, really I do."
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