Electra's Origin: How it all Began

Electra's Origin: How it all Began

It's about time I began to tell you my past life, so I hope you will enjoy it.

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Chapter 1.

Sacrifices and Promises

On a cold, dark, and stormy night the shadow figure of a Pokemon cat retreats through out the longing wet forest carrying something small in its jaws. The blue and black she-cat Pokemon carries with her a smaller Kitten like Pokemon whose eyes remain closed as she sways back in forth in her mother's jaws.
In the distance behind her chases to growlers and above her a Braviary threatening to take her and her precious kitten away to a place where many poached Pokemon are held captive to be use as disaster weapons towards all human kind so  the leader of them may take over all of the Kalos Region than soon the world. the she-cat Pokemon retreats to the left of the thick underbrush as a Growler throws a flame thrower at her.
The Pokemon cat attempts to escape the Growlers but is stopped by the Braviary who backs her toward the direction of thick thorn bush.  

Fierceclaw: Surrender now Naring there is no use of escaping
Naring: *sets her youngster behind her and growls* I'll never Surrender Fierceclaw I will stand and fight you if I have too!
Fierceclaw: *screeches with laughter* don't make me laugh, you Electpurr's have no chance against us Braviarys its best if you surrender or you will regret it
Naring: I will regret nothing *jumps up in the air and uses thunderbolt* feel the shock!
Fierceclaw: *uses air slash* is that the best you got *uses hone claws and slashes out on Naring*
Naring: AH! *gets thrown back into the thorn bush*
Fierceclaw: Ready to give up Naring? Or did you not have enough? *starts toward Naring but stops to notice a small Pokemon kitten lying on the ground* what is this? A baby Pokemon?
Naring: *opens eyes and frantically turns to glare at Fierceclaw* NO! *breaks free of thorns and uses wild charge* do not go anywhere near my daughter!
Fierceclaw: What? *gets rammed in the chest by Naring's wild charge move and gets thrown against a rock wall*
Naring: That'll teach you! *grabs the infant Pokemon by the scruff and retreats towards the forest*

Naring runs as fast as she can to get away from the Braviary in case he awakens she runs as fast as her long legs may carry her but without warning whatsoever two large Growlers appear on each side of Naring flanking her. Naring was diligent with wary  but she knew what to do at that moment before the first Growler could pounce on her she jumps up on her hind legs aiming for a tall berry tree.
One of the Growlers though jumped to not enough to catch her but bite down on her back leg the Electpurr shrieked, missed the tree, and landed on the hard wet ground. She laid there wincing at her now wounded paw while both the Growlers stood over her.
Flare: So what should we do with her Burn?
Burn: What were suppose to do, Flare, take her back to our master Alex of course
Flare: Oh yes but she can not walk since we bit her leg
Burn: *growls* it was you who bit her dingaling
Flare: Oh right....
Burn: Now enough wasting time we can not keep Alex waiting
Flare: *nods*

Both Growlers attempt to pick up the injured Naring but Naring suddenly opens her eyes and growls straight at them

Naring: Come anywhere near me and my child you Growlers are toast!
Burn: Child? *laughs* you mean that Meowshock? Please it may be the beginning form of you it does not mean it is yours to claim as your own
Naring: *forces her self up ignoring pain in her left back leg* listen here BURN it may not be mine but I have been taking care of her since the day she hatched from her Poke egg so I would learn to keep your fat muzzles shut!
Burn: *growls* your gonna eat those words you Electpurr!
Flare: Yeah! What he said
Naring: I'd like to see you try *turns and runs away from the Growlers while limping*
Burn: After her!

The Growlers dash off after Naring with all the strength the have while Naring, who is wounded limps while running as fast as her long black pawed legs may carry her. Carrying her defenseless Meowshock in her jaws. Heading deeper into the damp raining forest to escape the snapping jaws of the Growlers only a distant behind. With all this speed and adrenaline running through her continues on limply running with the strength she has left and just like that without no notice of where she is going tumbles over the side of a steep hill rolling and bumping into logs, rocks, and trees. Using her body as a protective shield around her infant child.
Than crashes near the corner of an empty cave. All was silence, Naring laid  in the wet leafy grass feeling the rain drip down her side. Soon only minutes passed til the she-cat Electpurr opened her urgent eyes to notice the cave and the young Meowshock still lying between her front paws breathing calmly. She forced herself to stand and limply walk to the cave dripping maw ignoring the sudden numbness repeating down her her upper and lower body.

Finally taking her step out of the raining storm Naring set her weakling Meowshock down to rest on some thick dry moss so it may get its strength. Though before even she could rest herself something creeped along the shadows of the cave watching her with curious glowing green eyes and along with it a shadowy shape all exposing its odd-shaped tail sticking into the faded light of the cave.

Naring: *growls* whose there! Show yourself!

The dark shadowy figure stood where its was but without hesitation slid itself out of the oily shadows exposing as the form of a Liepard. The Liepard stood a few feet away from the growling Electpurr defending her weakling child and sat down feeling as if no threat is around. But Naring did not care.

Naring: *calms herself* Prowl good heavens its just you
Prowl: Yes of course Naring and you do not look well what is wrong?
Naring: I was attacked by a couple of Growlers and I tumbled down a huge hill using myself as a bodyguard to protect Electra
Prowl: Electra? *turns to the direction of the moss bed to notice a small blue/black shape sleeping* you mean that Meowshock?
Naring: *nods* I found alone as an egg and she hatched knowing there was no one else around to take care of her I decided to care for her as if she were my own
Prowl: Wow you must really care for this  young Pokemon don't you?
Naring: With all my life
Prowl: Enough to risk your life to keep her safe
Naring: *winces*pretty obvious
Prowl: Maybe you should rest yourself Naring you are hurt and terribly exhausted
Naring: *limping* sounds best

As Naring limped her way toward the moss bed she suddenly collapsed and laid still on the cave floor. With concern running through her Prowl ran towards her motionless friend.

Prowl: Naring! Naring! Are you okay?
Naring: *no response*
Prowl: Oh Naring you poor thing you work so hard to protect your young one that you forgotten to protect yourself you'll never be forgotten and I promise while you rest in peace I will watch over Electra for you I promise

Making that promise Prowl had a single tear run down her face as she dragged the body of Naring away burying her near the cave entrance where  she would forever rest. Saying her final prayers and respects Prowl returned to the cave and sat near the young Meowshock that still slept soundly on her moss bed.

Prowl: *smiled* while I still stand i vow to keep you safe young Electra for your mother's sake you may not ever see her now that she is walking among us I will be your caretaker til my final breathe I promise.
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