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Summer Camp Story
I made this story before but due to mainly my pure laziness I didn't finihs it so this is a remake! I want to thank: @Chocolate_And_Cheese, @Lady_Artems, @Noko_The_Chocolatey_Neko, @Rebel_Assasin, @Yamilettethehedgehog101, @Kin...
456 reads 30 readers 139 by sapphirethehedgehog
This Is It (1)
(The apocalypse! Woahh!) A story of how Mobius breaks out into a zombie apocalypse and how our heroes throw themselves into dangers and more to survive and find the cure. Who will survive? Only time will tell.
201 reads 19 readers 44 by sapphirethehedgehog
Bella has been captured and placed in a cell with a guard who was designed to watch her. He's not nice, not nice at all. In fact, he's been given orders to be painstakingly cruel to her. Yet sometimes, he's nice. He can't seem ...
5 reads 5 readers 0 by Thug_Life_As_A_Blonde
In this world, your fate depends on your birthday. The world revolves around zodiac signs, and everything about you depends on when you were born. Once you turn 15, you get all kinds of cool, special privileges, and Celine is t...
178 reads 41 readers 55 by MockingjayDistrict
A DES fight and a faulty Kirara Drive lead AKB0048 to an unknown dimension separate from their own - Mobius. Now, a group of female Mobians must join AKB as the 80th Generation, and defeat the invading DES, in order for AKB to ...
15 reads 11 readers 1 by Weiss_Schnee
The Future Of Mobius
Eggman has finally conquered Mobius! He has turned almost everyone into robots! Will some brave friends be able to stop him and return Mobius to its original state?
354 reads 42 readers 76 by transformers
Mobius Chatroom
The people of qfeast are having a great time with the Sonic gang as you can see! If you want to be next then just ask me in the comments :3 and in case this blows up like the last request thing I did JUST ONE EACH PLEASE
179 reads 36 readers 90 by sapphirethehedgehog
Athena x springtrap
This is for my sister LilGaster ^-^ anyways here you go sis! Hope you enjoy!
9 reads 8 readers 3 by Ticcitoby_the_official
Ticked off~~~Ticci Toby fanfic
My first fanfic and I hope you enjoy it. Its a creepypasta fanfic. 😃😉😄
192 reads 42 readers 2 by Stormkids2411
Mandopony FNAF Song lyrics!
I will give each FNAF Song by Mandopony word by word. Enjoy please! :3
24 reads 14 readers 2 by Taki_the_Manokit
FNaF songs! (1)
If I didn't sang one you like, comment below please! I will search up the lyrics and place them down.
86 reads 27 readers 13 by Lucy_Heartfilia
Eyeless Jack (1)
Mitch tries to fall asleep at his brother's house. But he falls asleep. When his brother sees him, he gasps and drops his coffee cup what happened?
63 reads 24 readers 7 by Lucy_Heartfilia
How to get your Phone back
Salutations this story will show you steps on how to get your phone back if it was taken away so I hope this will help you.
33 reads 13 readers 0 by tails_the_evil_doll
Nikki is not a normal girl. She gets abused by family and rich girls. She finally decides to get revenge on all with her little friend, TicciToby. Want to know their adventure? Read this story, now!
30 reads 11 readers 3 by Lucy_Heartfilia
I'm Not A Robot (Papyrus/Mettaton)
Papyrus learns Mettaton isn't as glammed up as he seems, and learns Mettaton, too, has emotions and flaws. BL WARNING! EVENTUAL LEMON! CANCER WARNING! MightmakeyouwanttodrinkbleachWARNING!
36 reads 10 readers 0 by sansbys
Dancing with a troll
Okay, well...HOMESTUCK IS LIFE! What else is there to say! My friend and I are obsessed! We love it! So...she sent me FANART and so this is what happened. WARNING: this contains TROLLS, humans, dancing, fluff, language, and ahh...
12 reads 11 readers 4 by Fandomtrash156
A Night to Remember Sans/Grillby
How Sans met Grillby on one night in which Sans wasn't feeling to extravagant. LEMON WARNING BL! -DISCLAIMER: Cancer Warning! BEWARE! - Thankies to my kawaii friendu Cameron 4 tha help on this story
28 reads 11 readers 3 by sansbys
The beginning through the end... (Creepypasta xreader)
You thought that it would be a normal school year...but it turns out you where wrong! *evil laughter* lets see if the darkest Creepypastas will like you or murder you very spontaneously!
97 reads 37 readers 4 by Gorgeous.Nightmare
Our Fantasy World (Lilacs Story)
(She's older in this one) Lilacs just moved into a new city, trying to escape the pressure of her home towns expectations. She didn't want to work with Sonic or her mum or the freedom fighters if she had to fight or hurt anyone...
37 reads 11 readers 23 by sapphirethehedgehog