A Night to Remember Sans/Grillby

A Night to Remember Sans/Grillby

How Sans met Grillby on one night in which Sans wasn't feeling to extravagant. LEMON WARNING BL! -DISCLAIMER: Cancer Warning! BEWARE! - Thankies to my kawaii friendu Cameron 4 tha help on this story

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One

  It's always cold in Snowdin. It's sometimes notable in the gloomy atmosphere, or in the way people communicate with one another. Sometimes, however, warmth could be found in different things. With friends, with jokes, however with Sans, he found his personal warmth within his brother. With every positive memory, every bout of laughter, and every kind feeling expressed. However Sans feared, in fact, that that warmth would no longer return.
  Sans always struggled with nightmares, and on common nights he'd find himself slipping out of bed and strolling down the dark hallway and into the peaceful atmosphere that was his brother's room. This had been a tradition he was accustomed to ever since being small, however more recently new interests plagued his mind, erasing what formerly portrayed themselves as innocent and replacing them with feelings of desire.
  Ever since he'd noticed changes in Papyrus, he'd noticed things changed in what took place in his room at night as well. He'd peek through through the crevice in the door, spotting his brother, in a not so guilty fashion giving in to self pleasures under the blanket. The rough movements, the soft sounds of deep-throated moans emerging from Papyrus's open mouth. Each sound made Sans's bones rattle with delight, a strange foreign feeling nonetheless, but he grew adjusted to it.
  Tonight it was different however. Whenever Sans retreated back to Papyrus's room, it appeared Papyrus wasn't alone. It took Sans a moment to focus on who it might have been, his mind racking through possibilities. He peeked through the frame slowly, making his movements undetectable. Then he caught a mere glimpse of the person accompanying his brother. He felt a pang of disgust in realization that it was the putrid pop icon. Sans was astonished, as he could barely believe what he'd seen, however he knew deep inside his mind that there was something enjoyable about observing such an experience.
  Sans, plagued by a wave of fury and frustration, guided his own hand down his body to find himself. He groped at the head of his member experimentally, in the same rhythmic fashion he'd recalled observing his brother doing every night for years. He began to grasp around it, and tug rhythmically, finding increasing pleasure with each stroke. As both the speed and pleasure increased, he grew more invested and less aware. Abruptly, something dreadful occurred. Crashing before him, the door collapsed open. As Sans peered he recognized the same look of fury and humility on his brother's face. His expression was twisted in a look of utter surprise and disappointment. The look racked Sans with humiliation. Sans withdrew himself, hoping his brother hadn't seen too much. It appeared, however, he'd seen enough.
  "Sans, are you-," Papyrus began, horror struck.
  "I-I," Sans found himself stuttering in surprise, something he'd not done often, or even at all previously. It was a new trait, certainly. He stepped away in distress, awaiting his brother's next words.
  "Brother, how could you?" Papyrus appeared dumbfounded, as if he couldn't grasp what was occurring. Sans couldn't bear to look any longer, and found himself sprinting out of Papyrus's reach, vision blurred  with tears.
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on June 15, 2016
So glad to have a happy fan :3c
on June 16, 2016
on June 15, 2016