How to get your Phone back

How to get your Phone back

Salutations this story will show you steps on how to get your phone back if it was taken away so I hope this will help you.

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Chapter 1.

Step 1

Understand Why the Phone Was Taken Away
Realize that you may or may not own the phone and all the cute accessories. In this case, “ownership” means being the person who pays the monthly charges straight out of their pocket. Until you are paying those charges yourself, you will have to work cooperatively with the real owners of the phone, you and your parents. When people have something taken away from them, their first response is often emotional, but don’t get defensive and start fighting with them to take the phone. Take the time to rationally analyze what happened.
Figure it out. It’s important to understand all the reasons the phone was taken away. Getting your phone back quickly requires that you participate in a little role playing. Put yourself in your parents’ shoes.
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