Ticked off~~~Ticci Toby fanfic

Ticked off~~~Ticci Toby fanfic

My first fanfic and I hope you enjoy it. Its a creepypasta fanfic. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

~First fanfic hope you enjoy sorry if it sucks~
*Stella's POV*
I groaned as the sun hit my back. I sat up and yawned. "Gods, kill me now" i mutter to myself.
I got up and look around my room. It's completely blank except for the boxes that surrounded my bed. The thought of unboxing them all made me cringe. I picked up a brush and ran it through my choppy uneven hair.
"Stella! Where are you!?" Called Marie. Technically speaking Marie was my Mother hut I would rather die than call her Mum.
"I am in my room."
"I will be taking Jacob out to breakfast! you can stay here on your own!"
Jacob was my spoilt brother. he was two years older than me but acted like a total child. He was also very cruel. At times he would beat me blue. sometimes I just wanted make him suffer. I wanted to see him screaming on the floor. I shuddered. ~No I cant think like that~. I got up and walked to the window and watched Marie and Jacob drive away.
I decided to go for a walk meet the people of the town. I was especially curious to go see the forest across the road.
I got changed into a pair of ripped jeans a black t-shirt and my black leather combat boots. I headed out the door straight for the forest.
I watched as a girl walked into the woods. She had choppy, uneven, brown hair and dark brown eyes. She looked so innocent. I wonder what her blood would look like on my axe's. I take a step forward when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look over and see it's slendy's.
~Don't hurt her~
"Why not!"
"I plan on making her a proxy. You have no idea how close she is to insanity. She wishes to bring pain to those around her but she doesn't acknowledge the feeling.~
I laugh. "I doubt she will be any use."
~Just lead her away from the mansion I am also trusting you to prepare her for the change.~
"Why not just use the voice thingy you did with me?"
~I used that
I nod.
*Stella P.O.V.*
I was looking around the forest when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned around to find it but it was gone. I see something again and follow. Eventually i find myself outside the forest. I was about to walk back in when I hear a voice behind me.
"I wouldn't go back in if I where you."
I turn around to see a tall boy with messy brown hair. he was wearing orange goggles and a mouth guard.
"Why shouldn't I"
"Well quite simply you will die."
I laugh "I'm not the kind of person who is scared of a silly superstition"
The boy chuckles. "If you walk on in there I'll be the one to kill you"
At that moment I notice the pair of Hatchets at his side. I did the sensible thing. I ran. I kept running until I couldn't breath. When I got home I went straight up to my room. I thought back to what just happened to me. I decided to unpack all the boxes and settle in to my new room to get my mind off what had happened
By the time I finished packing my room looked pretty good. I had hung up black curtains and stuck drawings on the walls. Maybe this move was a new beginning. I think forgetting about the boy for a moment. But only a moment.
Thankyou so much for reading please leave a comment telling me whether you liked it or if it could change a bit. Please no Mean comments.
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