Bella has been captured and placed in a cell with a guard who was designed to watch her. He's not nice, not nice at all. In fact, he's been given orders to be painstakingly cruel to her. Yet sometimes, he's nice. He can't seem to make up his mind, mean one minute, kind and polite the next! Can she somehow find a way to make this man her friend? The way she figures out isn't the best idea... not the best plan at all. But it's all she has right now. ~~~ Please do not take any of my words or ideas from this book, or you can and will be sued. Thank you. ~~~ This book is entirely fictional. Any names, ideas, settings, or events that relate to real life are entirely coincidental and in no way related to this generation and time. ~~~ Thank you.

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Chapter 1 (Picture Is Bella, The Main Character)

Chapter 1 (Picture Is Bella, The Main Character)

        I knew he was different the moment he entered my cell. He had slicked back blond hair and bright, vibrant blue eyes. His looks didn’t suggest anything out of the ordinary. It was the way he looked at me. His eyes piercing my soul, as if he could see every mistake, every crime I had committed. He could see me… and my soul. It frightened me.
        “Who are you?” I asked, scooting away from his tall figure, hiding in the corner of my cell.
        “I could ask you the same question.” He answered, striding over to my creaky bed and sitting smugly on it.
        “T-that’s my bed.”
        “Not anymore.”
        I hated this guy. “Get off my bed.” I stand up and stomp right over to him just to have him shove me away. He touched me… I gape at him.
        “Yeah, that’s right, I touched you. I’m not afraid to get physical with a girl.”
        “Don’t ever touch me again.” I snap and whirl around, stomping over to a corner only to hear him following me. I’ll admit it, I feel intimidated. But he can’t know that. Ever.
        I turn back around. “What do you want?”
        “To get to know you,” He kneels, “Tell me about yourself.”
        I glare. He can’t possibly expect me to trust him, right after he took my bed and claimed how ‘awesome’ he was by bullying me.
        “You’re joking.”
        “Wanna hear a joke?”
        “Yeah, it’s called you.” I snap.
        “Feisty.” He chuckles and steps back. “A’right. I’ll leave you be.” And with that, he left the cell.
        I just stare after him, wondering what the hell just happened.

~~~ Hey guys, it's me. I know this chapter is really really short, but it's just a little blurb of a story I've been working on for a while. I just want to know what you think of it and if I should continue it. I mean, I don't want to work on a story nobody reads. That's just stupid! Comment any suggestions, and leave me love below! If you want, of course... ANYWAYS! Enjoy my story! ~~~

~~~ Remember to leave thoughts down below, and keep reading! ~~~

~~~ Love you all very very VERY much. Don't do drugs kids. πŸ˜‚  But seriously, don't. 😐   Best wishes in mind~  Ashley Frost 😘  ~~~
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