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Gravity Claws: A Gravity Falls Fanfic
So, recreation of gravity falls because i was devastated when it ended, anyway i have no other ideas 4 dis, so bai. (this was extremly challenging)
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The sad life of the Cat (Me)
this is about a poor, innocent cat, who is totally destroyed on society.
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Read this if your bored.
Ok, random story about Gravity Falls OR Steven Universe, you must read it to find out… DUH I'm doing it about Gravity Falls. Ive made like 5 Steven universe stories and no Gravity Falls ones… IM so ashamed of myself!
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A Steven Universe Choose Your Own Adventure Story!
Ok, so this is basically about Steven and the Crystal Gems! YAY! anyways, i hope you like this bcuz most ppl only seem to read Lapis_Lazuli's Steven Universe stories, so i hope someone reads this!
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Dark Magic
Ella always was normal, insecure, and never popular. But all of that is about to change, and adventure and thrill awaits, deep in Brooke Forest.
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Love for a Cat
Basically, this is about a cat who is abused, and tries to find a home. You might cry a little.
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Elemental Cats
The Elementals are in big trouble, especially the 'useless' ones. Magic is planning to throw them back to their former home.
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Steven Universe Lapis and the HomeWorld Gems: Escape to Earth
"Lapis" Peridot exclaimed. "You must go on this mission." Lapis Lazuli was forced by her fellow kind to not go Earth, to destroy the so-called Crystal Gems. But when Moonstone helps her fulfill her dream, anything is possible! ...
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The Gem War 2
This is not the first Gem war, just one I randomly made, cuz I am so bored.
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Steven Universe: Blind Reactions/Things I just saw
basically, Steven Universe stuff I saw in actual episodes you may not have, plus bonus "Blind reactions" (Ps I put this in the category for 'Poetry'. Im so evil!)
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Cookie Cat: Adventures in Space (1)
Cookie Cat and Lion Lickers... In space... Fighting TOGETHER? It's pretty hard to believe, but it's true!
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Steven Universe: Kinder Garden Tales
all this is, is before Amethyst was picked up at the Kinder Garden by the others/Crystal Gems, and flashbacks for new, or other Gems. Ps, none of this is official.
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