Nightmare (A Steven Universe Story)

Nightmare (A Steven Universe Story)

This is a story about two lions, a lion and lioness, and their son Lion's nightmare.

published on August 07, 20158 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Lion crawled around a corner, prowling and jumped at his father, Oak's, tail. Lion dug his teeth and claws into Oak's tail.
Later, an alien space ship came to the plain. It was full of Gems from a place called HomeWorld. Lion looked up, and meowed, crawling under a nearby rock. The top of the small cave lifted up by a muscular Gem, Agate. Lion scooted back, then another Gem, Opalite, picked up the cub.
"Hmm, this could do..." Opalite exclaimed. "Pink Diamond must see this... this... thing."
She lifted Lion into the ship, and six Gems followed.
"Our son!" Oak roared as the ship lifted back to where it came from.
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