Steven Universe: Kinder Garden Tales

Steven Universe: Kinder Garden Tales

all this is, is before Amethyst was picked up at the Kinder Garden by the others/Crystal Gems, and flashbacks for new, or other Gems. Ps, none of this is official.

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Chapter 1.
Amethyst: Born to Fight

Amethyst: Born to Fight

Amethyst opened her eyes, peering out the gaping hole entrance before her. Loud voices came from outside. She took a quick look outside, noticing two other Gems, who had seemed to notice her first. They both walked over.
"Why, hello. My name is Peridot." she laughed.
"I don't think she can understand you!" the other one, Amazonite giggled, looking over the little 'runt'.
"Ugh," she growled. "Who am I? And what are all these holes for?" She looked behind her at the great walls, with less holes than when she and Steven came here.
"Well, little Gem, this is where more Gems, just like you, were made." Peridot explained. "And you are a huge part to this big mistake, and you mustn't tell anyone else about this place, unlike Rose, Garnet, and Pearl, who all know a little bit too much." she rolled her eyes.
"What?" she asked. "Mistake? I'm a huge part to a BIG mistake?"
"Oh, I think she DOES understand!" Amazonite laughed.
"Hey!" Peridot shoved her in the arm. "You were just as unteachable as her when I found you!"
"Don't remind me. Please." she added.
"So, let me get this strait, I am a mistake, never meant to happen?" Amethyst repeated aloud.
"Well, she seems at least a little more discipline than you!" Peridot growled.
Amethyst's question still hung in the air.
"Hmm, well I was once like her, but she seems more like Rose. Let's teach her how to be a Diamond!" Amazonite said.
"Like ...who?" Amethyst asked.
"Well, Rose was once Pink Diamond, but gave up her part into being a refugee from the Gem War, only taking her most prized Gem friends with her. She betrayed us all in saving this miserable piece of rock!" Amazonite growled. "And you seem like your gonna betray us some time soon."
"Did I mention that Amazonite has Future Vision, like Garnet?" Peridot asked.
"Who has what?" Amethyst asked.
"Never mind, that's not important. Forming you into a Diamond is all that matters." Peridot finished slowly.
"You might leave us into going with Rose some time soon!" Amazonite finished.
Amethyst looked up at them with tears in her eyes. "No, I want to train to be the best Kinder Garden Gem I can be! Teach me how... To be a Diamond."
-I swear, none of the pictures actually go with the story, maybe a few, but don't get so wrapped up on the pics, go with the flipping story! XD-
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DO I?!?!?!
on July 14, 2015
Do I need a new chapter in this?
on July 10, 2015
Tell me if you want a new chapter, I have a lot of ideas, but post any, and ill try to convert them in the story. Please don't feel like I forgot your idea, just PLEASE DO NOT SPAM, and read on for AWESOMENESS!
on July 10, 2015