Steven Universe: Blind Reactions/Things I just saw

Steven Universe: Blind Reactions/Things I just saw

basically, Steven Universe stuff I saw in actual episodes you may not have, plus bonus "Blind reactions" (Ps I put this in the category for 'Poetry'. Im so evil!)

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Blind Reactions! Woo Hoo!

Blind Reactions! Woo Hoo!

-Do not read this if you have never seen the episode, this may spoil it, unless you NEVER EVER want to see the episode-
Onion Friend:
        "Vidalia is Onion's mom? Srysly? Is that the best? It seemed SO ironic to Steven, yet he had also forgotten who Vidalia even was! So ironic to me, and probably to some other viewers. Honestly, I think EVERYONE knows that Vidalia is Onion's mom, except very dumb people who don't even watch the series!!!
         I was so, very, very surprised when they called Marty 'Farty Marty'.... Actually, not that much. Apparently, Marty must've done something SO bad in the past, that they couldn't forget it. The most ironic thing in that entire clip was the fact that has Amethyst ever even met Marty? I bet not. But maybe Vidalia portrayed him bad somehow? hmm, idk or care, but wut ever Marty did, no matter nice, or bad, he's keeping the nickname 'Farty Marty'.
        Ok, I never knew Onion could be this weird, but her shows Steven the video of him being born?!?!?! Wow, and I thought I was crazy! Is that even appropriate for kids?  And then Steven says: "Oh, definitely not!"
        Why did they make Gals? Have you ever seen a girl collect action figures? Im a girl, and I don't do that kind of junk. Hey, wanna know a REAL rip off? They made an Invisible Guy, just for you!
Giant Woman:
        Ok, I could just NOT get this off my mind yesterday about Garnet specifically saying that she's located (With future vision) the GEODE beetles of Heaven and Earth. Wow, that one sentence had ALOT of info to make into this paragraph. Geez, what were they thinking then bringing the Geode in House Guest. it makes honestly NO SENSE whatsoever. And it also brings out that Garnet TRULY HAS future Vision. Unless.... Maybe she just used the Warp to find them....? Hmm.... yeah, I will never answer these questions... Just post what you think in the comments section to everything I ask.
        If you notice, oh so closely, when Pearl says "Does this look like a deadly situation?" Yeah, she kinda made it one. Look closely, she reaches out her hand, then she realizes she isn't close enough to be bitten by the ferocious jaws of the goat. Basically, she made herself scream like a girl.
        Ok, Best Mistake ever. When Steven began singing, and Amethyst sat up, her Gem was MISSING!!!! Holy S***
        Closely at opal's form you can tell both Gems, Pearl's and Amethyst's, have a really strange glow... Why? Is it the lighting or something?
Sworn to the Sword:
        If you never noticed, does Pearl have telekinetic power, or something?
        Honestly, if I only saw/heard Sapphire and what she was singing/humming (Don't know which) she is humming the same thing Garnet sings, while fighting Jasper, of course, but she does sing faster (ps, Garnet has had Two Gems ALMOST* the entire series *check next one)
Ok, in the very beginning/theme song, Garnet only holds up ONE Gem. Does that mean she only had one gem in that episode? hmm....
Steven and the Steven's:
Steven is a big fat meanie zucchini?
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