Gravity Claws: A Gravity Falls Fanfic

Gravity Claws: A Gravity Falls Fanfic

So, recreation of gravity falls because i was devastated when it ended, anyway i have no other ideas 4 dis, so bai. (this was extremly challenging)

published on February 28, 201625 reads 15 readers 1 not completed
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Chapter 2.

Cats of Gravity Claws

Dipper Pines- Tabby tom with ice-blue eyes
Mabel Pines- Golden she-cat with blue eyes
Ford Pines- Grey tabby with green eyes
Wendy- Orange she-cat with green eyes; She interprets signs of the future
Stanley Pines- Grey tom with green eyes
Soos- Grey tom with yellow eyes
Gideon- White tom with grey stripes and amber eyes
Ciphfur- yellow tom with black paws, ear tips, and chest and amber eyes
Ghosteyes- Brown tom, blind
<More Characters Soon To Come!>
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more pls?
on October 30, 2016