The Gem War 2

The Gem War 2

This is not the first Gem war, just one I randomly made, cuz I am so bored.

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Chapter 1.
Back to your Gem

Back to your Gem

Morning soon arrived in Beach City, the light winds carrying waves to the shore. On the porch of Steven's house/the Temple, Amethyst sat on one of the patio's chairs, along with Steven sitting across from her. He was making a Sandwich.
"Would you like seconds?" he asked.
"Would I?" Amethyst replied, stiffing the sandwich in her face, then licking her lips clean.
"I would enjoy if you used your napkin," Pearl said, disgusted.
"Oh come on, Pearl! Your not that much of a bummer!" Amethyst smiled.
"I prefer being called by my name, I'm not a clod, or a bummer." Pearl rolled her eyes as Amethyst took a gulp of her glass of orange juice.
"Come on, stop-" the ground began to shake. "Fighting...?"
On the other side of town, a sonic boom erupted, followed by an explosion. "Oh no," Garnet ran out the door.
Amethyst gasped. "We're all gonna die!"
"I think Peridot's cry to Yellow Diamond actually worked!" Pearl said.
"What's going on out here..." Sadie walked outside to Big Donut, quickly noticing the explosion.
"Steven," Garnet said. "Go keep everyone indoors."
"shouldn't everyone evacuate like last time?"
"There's no time!"
Steven nodded, then quickly ran off.
"Crystal Gems, let's go!" Garnet and the others leaped over to where the ship crashed.
Steven ran quickly to the Big Donut. "Sadie! You and Lars stay indoors! Don't come out until this is all over.
"ok" Sadie ran inside quickly.
Then, Steven spotted PeeDee and Ronaldo setting up a sign outside Beach citywalk Fries.
He ran over there. "stay inside, guys!" Steven cried.
"But this is a matter of weird and death!" Ronaldo yelled, recording the large explosion.
"Don't risk your life recording a video!" Steven protested.
"He's kind of right," Peedee agreed.
"Oh, all right..." Ronaldo ran inside.
Good, no one else was outside, but to make sure no one came outside, Steven ran to every shop to tell them to stay inside.
Garnet punched a Gem, Topaz, while Pearl got her spear to slice another Gem named Moonstone.
Amethyst had a Gem, Melanite, tied in a knot between her whip.
Steven ran over to help, but was grabbed by his neck by a huge Gem, Yellow Diamond.
"Oh, a human decided to join the party?... wait... you, your... Steven, the one with the powers of Rose Quartz!"
Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet ran over, and tried to defeat Yellow Diamond.
"Hmm... I need my army!" a ton of Gems ran into the clearing, trampling and destroying them. Steven reached out his arm. "No!!!"
"Haha, it's too late for that, Steven!" Yellow Diamond grabbed him, then dropped him to the concrete sidewalk, then, he quickly disappeared into his Gem.
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Does anyone have a better idea for a title for this?
on July 29, 2015
Do I need another chapter?
on July 27, 2015
Yay thx
on July 26, 2015
That was a great story I added it as my fav
on July 26, 2015
My stories are just as good as the others... so why does no one read them?
on July 26, 2015