Dark Magic

Ella always was normal, insecure, and never popular. But all of that is about to change, and adventure and thrill awaits, deep in Brooke Forest.

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Chapter One: First day of School

Chapter One: First day of School

Ella heard a loud *Beep! Beep! Beep!* It was time for school. She hopped out of bed, and put on a shirt with a cat on it that said " Check meow!" Then she put on blue jeans, along with socks. She put a jacket on, too.
Ella ran downstairs and could already smell fresh toast, pancakes and eggs. She ran to the table, backpack on. Her mom put a tray with a small stack of pancakes, some eggs in a bowl, and orange juice in front of her. She then put a small plate with toast on it to the side. Ella's mom began to brush her hair, and put it up in a ponytail.
"How are you felling for the first day of school?" Ella's mom, Brittney, asked.
"Excited and nervous, very nervous. What if the other kids don't like me?" Ella asked, picking her fork at her eggs.
"Oh, of course they'll like you! Everyone likes a nice person, like you... right?" Brittney improvised.
"Yeah, I guess." Ella smiled, looking out the window. The cold air stirred up the new fallen fall leaves, and they were blowing everywhere. Corners of the window were covered in white frost. "Do you think it'll snow this winter?"
"Think? I know it's going to snow!" Brittney laughed.
"But your not mother nature!"
They both laughed.
"Ok, off to school with thee!" Brittney said, opening the door. The two were playing knights and princesses. "I shall take thee to thy Royal Steed!"  Brittney led Ella to the bus stop.
A few of Ella's friends from last year stood there, along with a new girl Ella never met before.
"Hi, I'm Ella!" Ella said, waving to the new girl.
The new girl blew up her bangs. "Uh, whatever. My name is Cadence, and if you promise to leave me alone, then I'll allow you to stand here." Cadence clarified.  Ella sighed.
The bus was super noisy, kids threw paper airplanes, and texted on their phones, and yelled. Ella wished she had a phone.
"Hi!" a kid in the seat in front of her looked over his seat. "My name is Sadie. This is my brother, TJ!" he grabbed another kid up. TJ had earplugs in his ears, and was on Youtube.
"Nice to meet someone new finally!" Ella laughed. "My name is Ella."
"Oh, sup" TJ said, finally looking up from his video.
"Hey! Sit forward!" the bus driver said through the waklie talkie, clearly talking to Sadie and TJ.
"Ok, bye!" Sadie said, popping back in his seat.

Ella finally arrived at school. They walked in double doors. They waited in the café for their teachers. Ella had someone names 'Mrs. Ferguson.'  She sounded nice enough. She saw Sadie and TJ at the same table as her. Sadie was sitting with her arm under her chin. Beside her, TJ was still watching a video.
"Oh, hello again, Ella!" Sadie said, looking up.
"Hi!" Ella said in a cheery voice.
"Hey look, it's that girl who I said not to talk to me! Cadence walked by, shoving Ella on the floor. "This seat is open, come on, girls."
Two other girls followed Cadence. Sadie looked away, crossing her arms.
"Oh look, did we hurt this girls feelings?" Cadence stared in Sadie's eyes.
"Well, why dont we just.... like, smash some stuff?" another girl in the group with Cadence quickly said.
"No, Patricia, why don't we tell them to leave?" Cadence answered her correctly.
"You can't make me leave." Sadie said, looking completely satisfied with what she was dealing with. Ella still stared from the background. "Oh Mr. Tanner!" Sadie raised her hand, looking around. Mr. Tanner walked over.
"Oh no, is it them again?" Mr. Tanner asked, noticing Cadence's gang.
"Yup," Sadie said. "They threw this girl her, Ella, on the ground and stole her seat."
"Well, is that true?" Mr. Tanner asked, clearly not surprised.
"Yes, they did, and I am the victim," Ella exclaimed.
"Well, of course this is nothing new or ironic." Mr. Tanner explained. "I'm giving Cadence and her group detention for an hour. Go see Mrs. Alder after school, and don't be late."
"This isn't over, Ella!" Cadence said, walking away with the paper Mr. Tanner wrote on.
"Bye!"  Ella waved. "How could I ever thank you, Sadie?"
"Oh, it was nothing. I'm usually always around when Cadence's gang is around. They usually say they want to kill me, but I really don't care about that. It's not like their witches, or something!" Sadie laughed.
"Yeah..." Ella said, not completely believing that.

Mrs. Ferguson sat near the whiteboard, drawing the word 'MATH'. "Math will be at 12:15." she exclaimed, circling the word and writing 12:15 out to the side. "Don't for get it! I'll keep it on the board till next Wednesday."
Ella sighed. School is so boring, but in twenty minutes it would be over. The bell rang, and Ella rushed out into a huge crowd of kids who looked like they were as bored as her. She looked coq Sadie and TJ, and spotted them walking out to the buses. Sadie saw her, and ran with TJ to her.
"Hi, Sadie!" Ella said again.
"Hi!" Sadie said too.
TJ just looked blankly.
They got on the bus, and went home.
*short chapter, so sorry, super busy doe*
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