A Steven Universe Choose Your Own Adventure Story!

Ok, so this is basically about Steven and the Crystal Gems! YAY! anyways, i hope you like this bcuz most ppl only seem to read Lapis_Lazuli's Steven Universe stories, so i hope someone reads this!

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Malachite's Back!

Steven was sitting on the beach with Lion at his side. the waves came gently on the shore. Garnet ran outside, and Steven noticed her quickly.
"Steven, get inside," Garnet said.
"But wh-" Steven was cut off.
"Now." Garnet said, clearly worried.
Lion and Steven walked up and opened the door. They went inside, where Pearl and Amethyst were summoning their weapons.
"Uh… what's going on?" Steven got to ask finally.
"Well,-" Pearl began.
"Malachite's coming back and we're all gonna be killed, right P?" Amethyst finished.
"Uh, no. Malachite IS coming back, but we may not be killed." Pearl exclaimed.
"But what if we do? Who will protect Beach City?" Steven asked.
"Well, if we ARE killed, there will be no Beach City…" Pearl said, a worried look on her face.
Steven looked down, becoming less confident. If the Gems failed, they would have let down their promise to Beach City, and to Earth. If they were gonna die, then Malachite would not be able to because she would have to make it through him first. The Gems had to be there to save Beach City from danger.
Steven let out a sigh. "Can i help?"
"No, Steven. Malachite is more deadly and more dangerous than ever. You MUST stay inside." Pearl answered.
"But, if she really is that dangerous, then why can you guys fight her?" Steven asked, concerned.
Then the ground began to shake and rattle.
"She's here!" Garnet said from outside.
Garnet punched Malachite.
Pearl and Amethyst ran outside. "Stay inside, Steven. I'd actually listen to P this time!" Amethyst said to Steven.
Steven saw the massive creature, and it was about to crush Amethyst. He watched, and couldn't bear to see it.

What do you do?

1. Save Amethyst              2. Listen to Pearl, and stay inside
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The second chapter though! XD Just bing bosh bang done XD
I chose the third but was like "I wonder" anyway, great story!
on August 19, 2015