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who are these people and what anime r thier from
think people THINK its easy everyone loves this one if you don't GET OUT but if you guess im ok
5 / 0 by chanycol
what anime is this and what is the anime characters???/
if you gets this right your are the must amazing person right yay!!!
3 / 1 by chanycol
do you know Pewdiepie? then if you know *Brofist*
Please guys be Honest if YOU really know Pewdiepie. Be Honest or else i will call my ghost sister Amelia.
14 / 4 by Lara_Laufeyson
do emo people really cut themselves
i just want to know
17 / 6 by chanycol
london, england high schooling
I have a question about London, England. (or england in general) i currently live in canada and am in the eleventh grade. I am planning on taking my grade 12 year in london, england. However, is it true that london has 13 years...
2 / 0 by brufftoo
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if woodchuck could chuck wood???
Seriously, like how much???
12 / 3 by Bmac99
I need help with helping someone at my school !!
So theres this girl at my school, and shes over 100+ pounds over weight . I want to help her. but all she does is read, read ,read.... And she puts NO effort in to working out AT ALL ... WHAT SHOULD i DO ???? I want to help her...
11 / 7 by kikizoey4me
Does everybody here love huskies?
Well I just want to know if every single person on Qfeast loves dogs and today we will talk about huskies.First thing first tell me if you have one or why you love them then you will tell me about your favourite fact about them.
16 / 2 by kellygirl2
who has seen soul eater
just wondering i love soul eater even 'eye's turn into stars' deth the kid he's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'screams' yay
10 / 0 by chanycol
My dog keeps chewing up EVERYTHING even though our house is spotless. how do i get my dog to stop?
dog iz really a pain! my brother keeps opening the door and i dont know how the dog gets my NOOK cord, or anything else. PLEASE PLEEASE HELP! I NEED ADVICE! ;(. ( by the way, that picture of the dog, that dog iz not myne!)
7 / 3 by awesome6154
My dog keeps opening the door with his mouth how do I make him stop
EHe opens the door whenever he pleases we have tried string so when he opens it it closes and only opens a tiny bit. Our door doesn't have a lock so it open with just a slide so now we have to close the glass Door all the time....
7 / 5 by Jadechloeaxel
My dog is missing its owner because he works away what can I do
My dad works away and we have a dog him and the dog got really close when he was home now he has left for work again and doesn't come home for 5 weeks the dog won't stop howling and crying outside at like 1 in the morning when ...
2 / 0 by Jadechloeaxel
who better Damon Salvatore or Stefan Salvatore?
which one is hotter? stefan left and damon is right
11 / 10 by Assassin
whats your favorite one direction song?
which one from any album
6 / 0 by Assassin
Whats your favorite super hero movie or movies?
iron man ironman2 thor batman superman spiderman captain america hulk or so on
6 / 0 by Assassin
who's your favorite one direction?
is it Liam,Louis, Niall, Zayn, or Harry!! :)
11 / 3 by Assassin
who's your favorite avenger?
tell us who ur favorite avenger is! :D
13 / 1 by Assassin
Newfoundland or Labrador?
Mine is a Newfie but some like labs more. They come from the same place but still who do you prefer?
4 / 0 by kellygirl2
Crazy & Funny :D