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its challenge to you.
see image and write answer hint-- you need to know multilanguage skill.
4 / 0 by imamit596
Does he like me? Or is he moving away?
We have only known each other for about a month. At first we would text all day everyday. As time went on we started text less and less. Now he doesn't really text me fist anymore. I do know that when we meet it was christmas b...
4 / 1 by Bubbagirl135
What would be a good cat toy for a 10 year old cat?
I was wondering what jungle gyms and toys are good for a big cat. Perhaps someone can post links to a few good products! Thank you in advance
14 / 9 by remus2009
do you feel like everyone on qfeast is older than you?
do you feel like you are the youngest?
69 / 16 by quizqueen
Write a script in perl that performs a post processing action:
The run time environment of the script has the following environment variables available when the script is fired • TYPE: This can either be 'session' or 'file'. It indicates if transfer event is a file or session event • FI...
1 / 0 by omar008
in perl script write a script
Write a script that will create the following test files filled with random content: ◦ 1 x 100 MB file ◦ 10 x 10 MB files ◦ 100 x 1 MB files
1 / 0 by omar008
Do you have any tips on raising a baby bunny???
i just got a baby bunny from the pet shop like a week ago and i was wondering if you had any tips on raising it... e.g. how to train, eating habits, exercise, how old does the bunny have to be when it is safe to put it on a lea...
9 / 7 by saycheese
What Is The Most Beautiful Song You Ever Heard Until Now?
Music keeps us alive after Love!
19 / 25 by happyspring
how to establish the level and type of support and individual needs for personal care in a care home setting
What's your favourite music artist?
17 / 7 by Caitieandtheladybugs
What's Your Favourite Style Of Dance?
18 / 1 by Caitieandtheladybugs
What musical instruments do you play?
16 / 0 by Caitieandtheladybugs
is justin bieber getting married
Is justin bieber getting married to selena gomez and he propese
25 / 41 by hotanna13
This is a fraction, 2 3/5 divided by 1 1/2 equals
How do you do this please?
2 / 1 by paula.farrant
what is your favorite coler?
17 / 4 by RayJus
Physical therapy protocol
Hello! I'm 3 days shy of it being 4 months post-surgery for my PCL; IT Band; and LCL ligaments; total reconstruction using allografts. I was attending Physical Therapy since Nov. 2 x a week for 8 weeks. Recently reevaluated ...
1 / 0 by thatgirl
Possible overweighted Tracker Panfish 16 2001 year.
I purchased a used Panfish 16' and previous owner had removed the interior floor and front deck. Before a nice re-carpet job he replaced the floor and deck on front with 3/16" aluminum for a total weight addition of approxima...
1 / 0 by Charlotte.Burchfield.Chittom.Manning
whats the most important thing to have at a slumber party?
popcorn, chips, ice cream, pizza, movies, a tv, cookies...... what do you think?
22 / 8 by quizqueen
Acer Laptop 5536 Problem URGENT
I have an Acer 5536 Laptop. One night going down to the office, I spilt a tiny bit of milk on the keyboard, and then, quickly wiped it off. I turned the whole thing off 30 mins later.. Next day - I went to log on, it made LOA...
3 / 0 by nataliaer
Should Courtney Love hold exclusive rights over Kurt Cobain's estate?
Courtney Love is the lead vocalist of the grunge band Hole. She was married to Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana. Cobain allegedly commited suicide in early 1994.
2 / 1 by J3SS33
Crazy & Funny :D