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what is better harry potter or twilight?
If there was a fire starting in your house/apartment/hotel, what would be the first thing you do?
Think hard. Imagine. Just imagine. It'll boost up your ambition :)
16 / 11 by ChiKun
how can I install my printer hp F 4180 with out disk
I have a printer hp F4180 all in one with out disk and I want to install it.I am asking for help
0 / 0 by andyshosho
what places do you enjoy visiting?
just type it in and your done!
3 / 6 by puppies
Do you find me attractive?
37 / 23 by sydneychopper
what is your fav website?
i like most of them websites are so different so i want your opinion and if anyone decides to follow me i will appreciate it and follow them?
14 / 4 by katwin2000
what colour should be used the most
i love pink personally but what do u think
17 / 3 by katwin2000
which dr is your fav? (Dr. Who)
16 / 25 by saycheese
What harrypotter character is your fav?
which harry potter character is your favourite and why?
13 / 12 by saycheese
what celeb is your favourite?
who is your fav celeb and why????
11 / 1 by saycheese
what did you get for christmas?
Toys are easier to care for than real pets.
But they're still a lot of work. You need to feed them, give them drinks, dress them up, play with them, love them, never be mean to them and take them everywhere you go. What else do you think toys might need?
6 / 7 by happyapplesnap
Wondering which computer to buy of the 3 options I'm considering
Hi Everyone: any and all advice welcome. I am on a budget and wondering of the three system options below, which would be a mid level + better gaming system. Bear in mind that in either case, I will add more Ram and an upgrade...
0 / 0 by owens100
Endengered animals, do you care about them?
there are over 40,000,000 species of animals that are almost gone! do u care? i do! please lest try 2 help them! follow me 2 get my email and then email me ideas about these poor creatures.
43 / 33 by earth707
why do you have to wash your hands
there is germs everywhere and people touching their balls and toilets and not washing their hands after,they touch things and people touch those things and others touch those things oh now it is a world wide!!!!!!i mean come on
6 / 3 by itsBullshot
How do I confirm my email address without having the email?
So, I think what happened is that when I first joined, the confirmation email went into spam. That was awhile ago, so it has since been automatically deleted. Is there a way to get a new confirmation link email? Or is it not...
2 / 5 by TeSqSnLe
What Christmas gifts you received under the decorated tree?
Happy Holidays! & lots of gifts from Santa ;))
5 / 7 by Dedeea
what it feels while dieng
7 / 1 by shashwatdaredevil
Crazy & Funny :D