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is it normal to be bi?
im bi and i wanna know if its ok to be bi
33 / 50 by justinlilsis
What breed is this dog?
15 / 3 by xKearax
If you had a Siberian Husky, what would you call him/her?
I would call mine Shira or Alexa, what about you?
21 / 18 by xKearax
do anyone has a stalker
i do every time i turn around he is looking at me we have the same classes and all and he set right next to me and he knows i dont like him but he still keep on telling everbody he likes me and one time he even wrote a note abo...
18 / 1 by LiL.Looking
why cant you have one friend who wont go behind your back to your boyfriend?
well aparently i have one loyal friend who wont go straight to my boyfriend and fuucckk him is that bad?is that to much to ask for?
7 / 2 by mikycamry
what type of dog is this? (2)
well again think about the question
8 / 0 by kellygirl2
what type of dog is this? (1)
duh answers in the question
10 / 0 by kellygirl2
Do you see the comparison?
Do you see the comparison?
17 / 20 by xKearax
What breed of dog is this?
Do you know what this dog breed is called?
5 / 1 by xKearax
What type of dog is this?
Well, what breed of dog is it?
5 / 0 by xKearax
Can you tell me what this is?
If you think you know the answer, comment it and write what you know about it. I obviously know what it is but I wonder if you do...
16 / 12 by xKearax
Who thinks Harry Styles is hot emo?
I wanna know if he is hot when he looks emo
61 / 264 by justinlilsis
What is the most interesting fact you know about dogs?
Dogs facsinate me so I practically find everything interesting about them, but what about you? At the same time, can you tell me what breed this dog is?
8 / 7 by xKearax
Who thinks that "Stand By Me" is a sad song?
My eyes start swelling up when I hear it, it's Ben E. Kings voice that really makes me cry.
5 / 4 by xKearax
How do u on quiz make it wear ppl type it
i wanna no how to on my quizes to get it wear ppl type in ther anwsers but will someone plz tell me
2 / 0 by hannahdancer03
What do you think about The Mark of Athena?
I also want predictions about house of hades
3 / 1 by Coolfighter82
Any feedback for my story; Harry'!?
HeheheheheheHEH. anything?? read it first!
4 / 0 by GlowingAndFading
Who knows how to spell Zayn Malik middle name?
I wanna know if you know how to spell his middle name without looking it up
16 / 0 by justinlilsis
What are your top 3 favourite breed of cat?
Mine are Savannah, Bombay and Siberian! What's yours?
14 / 17 by xKearax
Crazy & Funny :D