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early 70s they played a song that talked about disasters in other country's
They spoke of amounts the USA sent to these country's and when the USA had a similar disasters, we received none! the song contained these words like a narration - not singing. w What was the band/artist/song.
1 / 0 by sheldon
What is the best fantasy book?
10 / 20 by pikaaa
What's your favorite episode of Regular Show?
C'mon, everyone has a favorite!
16 / 4 by RegularShowROCKS
What recourse do i have if i have been sold a below value car
Irecently [part exchanged my car which had nothing wrong with it and some money amounting to approximately £10,000 for a slightly newer car to arnold clark but the car which i recieved needs quite a few repairs to the bodywor...
0 / 0 by terrierb
Why are CAPITALS considered bad??
i don't get it. its not like i am going to capitalize everything, and on one of my quizzes someone commented that they didn't like caps, but the only caps were the beginning of each question... so CONFUSED! :$
17 / 34 by Nobody.07
How Do You Get Rid of Bad Habits?
i have a couple bad habits i am really wanting to get rid of, i have tried, but I can't usually keep not doing something for very long... HELP!!!
15 / 17 by Nobody.07
do you wish a random guy said hi to you nd danced with music
the title tells all
8 / 8 by zombie191
How old is the Great Wall of China?
3 / 3 by arunantony829
Is This A Bad Thing?
I met this guy last year in a vocal lesson week at our school. He sung a song by our favorite artist, and I told him that I had his new cd. He told me to bring it in, so I did, and when we put the cd in a cd player, we talked a...
9 / 7 by paramorebabe16
christmas gift for my boyfriend?
okay hes 15 and i really wanna get him something for christmas ! i love him really much & he said he doesnt want anything but i want to get him something
6 / 0 by crazybabe143
What Holiday do you like the most?
what D is a language no longer spoken
What is your favorite book?
See question above :P
11 / 10 by Eli17
How can you describe "TRUST"?
How can you know the one next to you has faith in you and you can trust him? I would like to know what you think about this, I am a little confused about this word "trust".
6 / 14 by Dedeea
what is the meaning of #  in c++ computer language?
Crazy & Funny :D